Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In honor of Thanksgiving, 2009 (in the states, anyways)

I am thankful for...

* my Father's world - because in spite of the fact that we forget this a million times a day, everything on this earth is God's alone, and He is in 100% control. And that means everything else on this list is His doing.
* the gift I have in Tim - could anyone ask for a better, more loving and thoughtful husband and dad? I think not!
* the joy I have in Hadassah - sweetness personified. (except when teething, but that is easily overlooked in the grand scheme of things)
* my role as wife and mom - what an honor it is to play this small part in God's plan. Oh for the love and wisdom to fill that role so much better...
* family
* friends
* electricity - because as much as I say I'd like to live in Jane Austen's time so I could wear the big fancy dresses and go to balls, I'm not sure I'd survive so well without my computer and blender and hot showers, etc.
* color - because how drab would life be without it?
* playpens - yes, my daughter plays in a playpen, and no, I don't feel like I'm putting my daughter in a cage.
* Bath & Body Works - again, one of those things I would not like about Jane Austen's era...the lack of good smelling people.
* Ladies Bible Study - all the ladies who lead, attend, and study each week in order to share with eachother in order to grow. Such a blessing.
* date nights - both the scheduled Friday nights, and the impromptu-other-times, they are a highlight of my week!
* exams and papers - no, I don't write any, and yes, I really am able to find something to be thankful for in them. It means less time with my husband and no date nights BUT it makes me appreciate my time with him when they're done!!
* music - Pandora Internet Radio is a constant companion in my kitchen. Love it.
* my iPod - (Tim is getting an awful lot of thanks in this list!!) because what a great way to get in edifying radio programs, than to listen while cooking and baking and walking.
* my old computer - because if it hadn't crashed, I wouldn't have this new, beautiful one. It did give me many good years...but oh how lovely to move on. (this was the reason for my lack of writing these past few days!)
* prayer - for those who are prayer warriors for so many things.
* GR - how we've enjoyed living here! FRC church, seminary, the it all!
* my sewing machine - we have a love, hate relationship. Sometimes I feel like throwing it across the room, but more often we spend many hours of creating together.
* my camera - so I can capture those exquisite moments in life and remember them as long as my computer has memory to hold them all.
* my recent 'going-out-for-coffee's' - isn't it amazing how a friendship can grow over a cup of coffee? Or in my case, a "Cocoa-Caramella"?

I could most definately go on and on. But I'll stop for now because one of my 'thankful's has woken up from her nap and is patiently waiting for her mama to come and get her. Then, it's off to make more delicious food for tomorrow's celebration with the Huckstead's. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May it be a blessing for each of you...

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  1. Thanks Jen, for writing about this! A good reminder to me to indeed be "thankful in everything" :-)



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