Saturday, October 25, 2014

Well Said

My husband emailed me this link, saying it was a good read. I agreed and thought I'd pass it on to you! So, check this out. You won't regret reading it.

Have a wonderful day of worship and rest tomorrow!

Friday, October 24, 2014

My Most Favorite Season

Crisp air resulting in warm sweaters.
Brilliant colors resulting in awe sent heavenward.
Apples resulting in apple crisp. Mmm. 
Foggy mornings.
Brand new slippers.
Amazing blue skies.
Or drizzly rain.

I love autumn! Especially October. Thus the quote on our chalkboard:

And so the only logical conclusion would be that when autumn rolls around, I enjoy surrounding us with it inside as well. Here are some scenes from our home this fall:

Dead/dying mums and all! 

My chevron wreath made its way out of the attic first. Then an after school stop at a local road-side stand and we came home with pumpkins, ghords and mums, which were then scattered around our home. And in the final stage, my Silhouette and I had fun printing out a quote on vinyl to embellish our above-the-mantel canvas print. It took a couple of weeks to get up there in its entirety and in the meantime, that made for a great conversation piece!

Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature has been saving up all year for the grand finale. 
Lauren DeStefano

Yesterday was just beautiful, and I asked my husband if he would like to enjoy a fall walk with me and Emma. And Gus. That dog thoroughly enjoyed himself! A layer of leaves everywhere adds a whole new level of smells. Me? I loved it too!

According to my weather app, this is supposed to be one lovely weekend. Can't wait to thoroughly enjoy my most favorite season!! Hope you do too!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just for Sarah >> A SparrowJoy Custom Print

One of the great things about my "in between laundry, dishes & cooking job" (aka: SparrowJoy Print & Design) is the request for a custom art print. I've had a handful of them in the past few months and I love the opportunity to use what the customer provides and have some fun! Sometimes it amazes me that they trust me enough to say "just have fun", but it sure does make me happy when they do.

Take Sarah, for example. She blogs at and sells her beautiful scarves on Etsy. Sarah recently married the love of her life and they are in the process of renovating their first home. It's been fun to follow! When she emailed with a request for a print to include in their master reno, I said "Absolutely!" Check it out:

What a great verse for a wedding text, eh? It was also a treat to scroll through her wedding pictures to find just the right one - they have some beautiful memories of their big day! Thank you Sarah!

And further SparrowJoy news, some Christmas prints are also in the works right now - as a request for a Christian school bazaar coming up. But yay! Those are semi-custom...meaning they'll make their way to the blog as well. Stay tuned!

<<< >>>

Would you believe it? My camera battery died just as I started to take pictures of my fall decor. Since that day, I've been either gone or plunked in front of this computer screen working on a couple of bigger design jobs. And would you believe it? Since then, and for the same reasons, I've forgotten to water my mums and man, that makes for dried out and dead looking fall decor! But. In the name of following through on my promises, I'm gonna shoot some pictures and get them up on this blog! Even if it's just so I will remember one of my favorite mantel vignettes! Coming soon...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy x 2

Happy Thanksgiving to you & you & you. 
(picture me nodding to each and everyone of you like Friedrich in The Sound of Musics "So Long, Farewell") 
I hope you & you & you had a wonderful day!


Happy Anniversary to the man I married 9 years ago today. He's pretty awesome. It's such a blessing to be his wife! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Emma > 1 mth

A lot happens in one month!
>> From 7lbs 15 oz to 9lbs 13 oz
>> From 20" to 22.5"
>> From drowsy smiles only to Yep, you're smiling at me! smiles

There's a lot I want to remember!
>> How content you look when you get swaddled for bed
>> The big stretch that always happens when you're unwrapped from your swaddle - hands over your head, feet kicking, moaning and groaning in the sweetest way
>> Sweet coos while you eat
>> The way you chat with your sister as she asks you how your day was
>> Your passionate dislike for getting your diaper changed
>> How adorable you look peering over daddy's shoulder at me - head held high

We've savored every moment of this first sleepy, hungry, adorable month, knowing how fast this goes. And she's made it a joy to savor! Happy 1 month girlie!


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