Saturday, September 6, 2014

Grade 1

Whether or not it was a good idea to go to school this past Tuesday was a toss up for Hadassah. If she goes, she'll see her friends and meet her new teacher, discover a new classroom and enter the school not through the Kindergarten door, but through the main door with the rest of the grades. 

But if she stays...there's Emma.

Such a hard decision, I completely understood! It took a little chat or two, but she woke up that morning eager to go. And when she came home? "Mom, my first day was great!" 


And she's loved every day since. 

Here's hoping that lasts all year long! Happy Saturday everyone!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

She arrived Thursday, August 28 @ 5:32pm, weighing 7lb 15oz.

She arrived healthy, adorable and much loved.

She arrived as a wonderful blessing to parents entirely dependent on her Heavenly Father.

She arrived!

Now therefore, our God, we thank You and praise your glorious Name. 1 Chr 29:13

Emma Grace

(more pictures to follow... :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

No more tangles, No more tears

No more "Mom's got a hairbrush" fears.

Back to school, along with baby on its way, has me happily crossing things off of to-do lists.

Diapers bought, crib ready, onesies cleaned and ready to go, hospital bag packed.

School clothes bought, new shoes ready, lunch bag cleaned and ready to go, backpack packed...

...and hair cut!

Along with the release of Tangled, my daughter's desire to have really long hair developed. And so her hair was allowed to grow...and it grew and grew. But oh, what an ordeal! When the hairbrush came out, daddy started to cringe, because the tears! The yelps! The drama! Finally, we sat down with her and said "Listen...". A scroll through Pinterest resulted in some haircuts that she was warming up to, and yesterday, away we went. 


Aaaaaand, after:

This is one relieved mom, because she was wonderful through the haircut and she really likes the results! Now, her biggest giggle and thrill is the fact that "No one will recognize me at school, mom!!" 

She also was thrilled to wake up this morning, run a brush through her hair, and not have any pain!!! I, too, will absolutely appreciate the lack of tears and all that hair brushing entailed. Especially as there are few things to check off my "baby's coming" to-do list before the little one makes an appearance. They'll provide lots of their own tears, so if I can eliminate others.... ;) 

Oh, this girl. Love 'er!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY Hairband Holder

Hadassah: Mom, can we do a craft together?

Me: Sure. (wondering what we can come up with today)

Hadassah: What should we do, mom?

Me: Hmm, I don't know. Do you have any ideas? (said cautiously, with a slight cringe, because I know what's coming...) 

Hadassah: Can we build a castle for Gus out of the cardboard boxes in the recycling bin? It can wrap around his bed and we can make those sticky out things on the top with the stuff on it! (I'm assuming she's talking about turrets with flags?) And we can paint it and make it really pretty! 

Me: Uhhhh, no. Remember the last cardboard house we made? It was played in for an hour and then sat and sat and sat for a few weeks. Let's scale down a bit. Something smaller. Something useful? 

Hadassah: Ok. Let's seeeeeeeee...

At this point, I remember that we added a couple of hairbands to Hadassah's collection when we went back-to-school shopping. I also remembered that the previous hairbands never had a very good home. And then I remembered that there was a pin on Pinterest which I thought would work nicely. Plus, it could double as craft time with Hadassah. Here we go...

Crazily enough, five minutes later, I was faithfully producing the hairband holder and Hadassah was creating an airplane for the baby.   ???   Not sure when my craft became too boring...but at any rate, both of us ended up happy. :) She created a gift for her new sibling and I could check something off of my mental to-do-someday list. Want to take a look?

Some burlap ribbon, regular ribbon, a chalkboard sign and a whole lot of hot glue later...

...and her hairbands had a home.

So now they're all ready to wear come the new school year - which is fast approaching! And maybe next time Hadassah won't find my crafting choice so boring! ha!

(For those who are interested, the due date countdown is on! 10 days!)

Linking to: Fabulously Creative Fridays @ Jennifer Rizzo's & iHeart Organizing's Monthly Organizing Challenge

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Listen to This!

There was a mountain waiting for me in the basement this morning. A mountain, I tell ya! Of clean, delicious smelling articles of clothing with one thing in common: Wrinkles. 

I used to have this great habit of listening to something I'd classify as "edifying" while I ironed. During our early married life, ironing and dishes (minus a dishwasher) were two slots of time where I tried to multi-task with radio programs or sermons, since they are completely mindless chores. Perhaps it was the addition of a toddler to our household where that habit slipped (being asked a zillion questions while ironing made it much less of a mindless task!), but slip it did. Somewhere along the line, Revive Our Hearts was replaced with the Keith & Kristen Getty station on Pandora, or another favorite, 100 Instrumental Hymns. 

So this morning as I set up the ironing board and gazed at the pile before me, Hadassah settled into playing with Playmobil. Quietly. And it occurred to me that I could get back into a good habit! Plus, it didn't hurt for Hadassah to hear it in the background of her play, either. Out came my phone, straight to the podcasts and Revive Our Hearts. As I scrolled through the past few days to find out when a series started, I was so excited to discover that they are in the process of re-playing her Joshua series. This was a long series I listened to years ago and learned a lot from. I remember telling Tim that it was such a blessing to learn from her in depth study on Joshua as a character. And now? I get to hear it all over again. So excited about this, folks!! 

Just in case you have a pile of ironing and no toddler to pre-occupy your mind, perhaps you'd like to listen too. This link should take you to the first one of the series on August 1st. Have a listen! I hope you'll find it as edifying as I did way back then, and hope to again this time around. 


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