Saturday, November 22, 2014

This Year's Theme: Sisters

Emma was born 5 days before the first day of school. It was perfect. Hadassah had a couple of full days to soak up all things Emma before heading off to her first school year of 5 days a week. 

But as I mentioned in another post, she was torn! "Do I want to go to school, or do I want to stay with Emma?!" And although she didn't really have a choice, she made the best of it. She went to school and while there, filled her assignments with Emma. Paperwork flowed out of her backpack full of family pictures (her, always holding her baby sister), and descriptions of what she did over the summer (got a baby sister). 

Her teachers and the principal have all mentioned how they are regularly updated on Emma and how she's doing.

So did it surprise me when Book Character Day approached and she zoned in on one particular book? She didn't want to be a princess knight. Or a pioneer girl. Or a puppy. All Hadassah wanted to be, was a sister.

Of course.

The girls received the perfect book from a sweet woman in our church at Emma's birth. It's called "Sisters" and Hadassah has read it over and over and over again. Here's a glance at the first and last pages...

Hadassah chose the big sister outfit on page 3 and she literally studied it with a magnifying glass to make sure we got every detail right. Page 3 sports quite the outfit:

Hadassah helped wherever she could...even using a Sharpie to make a purple flower blue. Because the flower in her hair needed to be blue! "That's how it is in the picture, mom."

So in my typical last minute fashion, I ran around town gathering supplies on the morning before Book Character Day. And after supper, we started the assembly. Duct tape, sharpies, thrifted shirt (which was a turtleneck, but that's ok! I can cut a 'v' into it...) and necklace. And in her intense scrutiny of the picture, she noticed that the big sister had brown hair. "But I have gold hair mom!" I was game. It seemed to me like the perfect opportunity to try out something I pinned on Pinterest ages ago - a wig. Once completed, I was ready for bed, glad it was completed. 

The next morning was so exciting for Hadassah - not just to go to school as the "official" big sister, but to see everyone else's costumes as well. Mr. Mugs? Meet the Big Sister:

Appropriately, Emma wore a new onesie that day! (although that's equal parts good and's a 6 month size! Ahh!) 

Oh these girls!!

So! What do you think? How'd we do?

One thing for sure - we had one excited girl. Especially when she came home with a "reward". "You mean an award?" "Yay! A award!!" 

Looks like those magnifying glass studying periods paid off Hadassah!

Or should I say: {best} Big Sister!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

SparrowJoy Giveaway!

Celebrating the fact that SparrowJoy is on Facebook, I'm hosting a giveaway! Head over to in order to enter for the PRINT OF YOUR CHOICE! 

This is a quick one, though. Ends tonight at 9pm and the winner will be announced tomorrow. 

Not on facebook? Don't worry - another giveaway is happening soon, right here on the blog.

>>> Update: Contest is closed and MARIELLE is the winner! Congrats!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

And the Word became flesh >> New SparrowJoy Print

Exciting news: Emma slept through the night in her own crib, in her own room!

Even more exciting news: I slept through the night!

Happy Saturday to us!!!

Oh, and you too. :)

But wait. There's even more exciting news! (I know, hard to fathom, right?) Next week Tuesday there's gonna be a giveaway. A Christmas print giveaway. And this print here could be one of them...

Available in green and red, this print is new this year. You can see both color options by clicking on the image, or by this link: SparrowJoy. Plus, if you happened to like either of last year's prints, they're back in the shop as well. 

Also on the good news front, (I know, it keeps coming!!) SparrowJoy made a debut on Facebook this past week! To those of you who noticed and 'liked' it, thank you!!! I'm hoping facebook will be a great tool on for fun giveaways and free printables in the future. So head on over to 'like' the shop if you haven't already, because you wouldn't want to miss out!

And I'll say it again: Happy Saturday!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

One more

Another shot from her 2 month photos. Just because. 

Have a happy day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Emma > 2 mths

"I just can't believe I have a sister". 

It's something I overhear Hadassah say every now and then. The greatness of this little blessing is still a wonder for the big sister, and I love that. 

The moment Hadassah first came in to meet Emma after she was born was such a great moment. She was all smiles and so eager. But hearing some stories afterward made me wish I could've been in two places at once! As it happens, my parents, sister, niece and her friend, and Hadassah were all eating supper together, waiting for the news. When I texted my sister, she read aloud to everyone that "she's here!" and apparently Hadassah made a beeline for the door and was out in the hallway before anyone could blink an eye. 

That's my girl! So excited about her sister. Loving her long before she even met her. And, two months later, she's still loving her with all her might. We are so blessed to see it! Check her out:

This time around she was a stinker! She is a very, very smiley baby. But she refused to crack a grin for both attempts. The shot above was the closet I got! That's ok, though. She's rather cute, regardless. 

What's happened this month?
>> She's packed on a couple of pounds! 12 lbs 2 oz at her last app't.
>> This has been the month of the eyelashes. They've grown and are lovely and long.
>> Bubbles. She blows them. A lot! Along with some drool...
>> She does this absolutely adorable thing where she snuggles her nose and face into my shoulder when I'm holding her. Like she's trying to burrow in and get cozy. Oh, I melt. 
>> The kid is practically sitting up on her own! She is so strong. 
>> She's made new friends. The toys that hangs off of her car seat handle. They chat. Mostly one sided, but cute. 

It's exciting watching her grow and noticing her notice the world around her. Can't wait to see what's next...


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