Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kindergarten: Check!

A mere week ago, it seems, Hadassah was off to school for the very first time. Since her first day of Kindergarten she's been delighted. With her teacher, with her classmates, with the overall school experience. She's skipped out of our car and on to conquer a new school day two times a week for the past school year, and yesterday she skipped for the last time. 

To the Kindergarten door, anyway.

What a fun thing to witness - a summary of your daughter's school year recited in song, memory work, poems and even a play! Tim and I thoroughly enjoyed Hadassah's Kindergarten Graduation, despite all that it meant. (she's done?! already?! how time flies!!) 

The three girls that made up her senior kindergarten class were so excited. Their morning started off with a rehearsal for the program, and then they helped to set up for when family and friends arrived. They, along with their JK classmate, sang their sweet little hearts out, recited for all to hear and even put on "Three Billy Goats Gruff". 

And then it was diploma time!

And then? Then it was family picture time.

Congratulations Hadassah! We know what a blessing it is that you've graduated from Kindergarten in a school that proclaims God as King - and pray that you will always know that blessing too! We praise Him for this day, as we do every day with you.

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Peek at My Office/Crafty Space

I love a good before and after blog post. To see what can be from what was is inspiring to a home decorating lover such as myself.

This is not that kind of blog post.

No folks, this blog post is all about the before. The dirty. (as in dog hair and bits of construction paper on the floor). The messy. (as in crafty stuff and to-do paper piles all over the desk). The unorganized. (as in half of the closet pulled out and scattered hither and yonder on the floor). This is all about where my office was the day I decided something had to be done. Again. 

Because I don't know about you, but my office seems to be a magnet for mess. When it's all neat and tidy, then I can sit back and smile and my eyes actually take note of the shelf display, the fun memories on our bulletin boards and the decorated elements of the space. But when I let my to-file pile grow too large, or not insist that Hadassah cleans up after making a Father's Day card, or forget to neatly tuck away in-progress project stuff, then I get a little...claustrophobic. I like everything to have a home so that we've finished playing with the crayons or pens or Sharpies or cardstock or wrapping paper or birthday decorations, they can do just that. Go home. Out of sight. Leave my long 10' DIY plumbing pipe walnut stained desk free and clear please!! 

Believe me, this is not the first office revamp. Remember my first office tour? This room has had it's fair share of change. (like every other room in this house. Hmmm. Pattern?) So this time I started with one area that's been bugging me for a long time. The closet. Unfortunately, in my determination to get this space started, I started pulling it apart before I remembered before pictures. The picture you are about to see is already far neater than the original.

There were two wire baskets in that empty space on the left with wrapping paper, tissue, etc. pouring out of them. And then somewhere in there were our file boxes and a couple of bags of craft supplies, which you will later see scattered on the floor. Chaos. And most of the stuff on this skinny bookshelf? I didn't even know what it was anymore. 

See? In much need of organization.

A trip to Bibles for Missions, a trip to the garbage bin, and a delivery from IKEA made me a happy woman. But more on that another day, another post. This is all about 'before'. 

Although I can give you a hint...check out this post for part of my closet door inspiration.

The rest of the office? Well. Take a looksee...

Ahhhhh!! So much stuff! Seeing these pictures makes me give a sigh of relief that it's already scads better - but it also makes me want to finish it off and keep it tidy. I can't wait to show it to you neat and clean. You between crafting sessions on Hadassah's half of the desk and design notes scattered all over mine. 

All that being said - I am so thankful for this space! My own little space to work, hang out with Hadassah and enjoy. 

ps: Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

One Crazy Night

The story that you are about to hear doesn't even get close to the craziness of Kerri's crazy day. But for still made it to the crazy meter.

Think with me of the delicious deep sleep that happens well past midnight. And then, add the sound of your dog scrambling to get out of his bed one room over, knocking his head on something and scratching up the floors as his legs can't seem to propel him forward fast enough. No barks. No whines. Just dog chaos. Like something woke him up with a start and he's not quite sure if it was real or not. And then, one short minute later, quiet. Panic over. 

You're awake now, right? But why in the world is your dog looking at you like "What?! Why'd you get up? There's nothing going on!" After a quick check to see that Hadassah was ok, I pointed Gus back in the direction of his bed, where he got in and laid his head down like all was normal. Yet I was suspicious. Something wasn't right. Why would he do such a thing? 

And as I stand in our bedroom doorway, glancing with leery eyes toward our stairs, calling to Tim that perhaps he should get up to see if there was something Gus heard that set him off, I see it. Silhouetted against the small bathroom window. An intruder. 

No wonder Gus freaked out! Something was in our house! And now, I was freaking out. Although silently. No, this intruder was not human. (big sigh of relief) But what was it? Was it a bat? We are, unfortunately, experienced in the world of bats now. But experience told me this was way too big to be a bat. It must be a squirrel. But no! If that's a squirrel, then it's a mutant squirrel because that tail is way too long and skinny. Phew. That eliminated a skunk too. 

It was time to be brave. I leaned in and flicked the light on, quickly stepping back.

Well hello. Cat. And how did you get in our house?!

And now imagine the feeling of immense relief followed by an onslaught of fear. Because this cat? This poor cat was petrified! Gus must've given him the scare of his life when he wandered into Hadassah's room, and now he was panicking. He flew from our window, across the floor to the counter where he managed to turn on a tap in his haste. That propelled him forward, flying into our shower. Once there, he apparently thought climbing on our frog pod was a great means of escape - a thought short lived as the frog pod detached itself and bath toys, shampoo and body wash came crashing down along with the now insane cat. 

With Gus locked in our bedroom and Hadassah safely tucked away behind her closed door, I see that Tim is near and I hand over the job of getting the cat out of the bathroom to him. With a warning that he might want a sweater on in case the cat gets his claws out. I ran downstairs and opened all doors wide, and a minute later a ball of grey and white fir dashed out the front door. 

Whew! That was an intense 6 minutes! Our hearts still raced as we crawled into bed. And our discussion turned to how we must never forget to close that crack in the screen door that was left open during the day for Gus' in-and-out pleasure. 



Thursday, June 5, 2014

Teach Them Diligently

As mentioned in my last post, I've designed a new print for SparrowJoy and I'm so happy to share it with you today! At the request from a friend who was interested in a Father's Day gift, I've used Deut. 6:6-7 for a chalkboard print. She told me this was something they were aiming to implement in their home, so why not have it hanging on the wall as a reminder?

I might just print out a copy for myself...because we, too, try to implement this at home. Take a look:

Purchasing it on etsy is easy, just click on the picture and it'll take you to the link. Once it's been purchased and downloaded, you can bring the jpeg to a photo developing place, or take the PDF to a local print shop or even print it on your own computer. I can send you the 11 x 14 version too, which would look pretty great with mat and frame! Just shoot a request over once you've paid.

This print was enjoyable to design - I hope it's enjoyed too!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Take Four

Oh hello there.

I did it again, you say? Went over a month, postless?


Isn't it amazing how time zooms on by? Before you know it, it's summer out there, you're rounding the corner into third trimester, school is almost done and vacation is on the horizon. At least, that's what it feels like for me. Oh, and your feet and ankles start swelling. So not pretty. 

By the way, this is what happens when your daughter asks to use your phone to take pictures and you reply with "You may take 4 pictures. And only 4." (Because you know if you give her free reign, your phone will be full in a matter of minutes!) I loved discovering these a few days later...

Other recent news? After hour upon hour of planning and getting ready, The Amazing Race took place last Saturday and WOW was it fun! Tiring, busy, but so great. Thanks racers!! If you're on Facebook, head over to EbenEzer Christian School's page to see pics. Our house happened to be one of the PitStops, where one team member from each team had to count the field stones on the two pillars at the front of our porch. SO humorous to sit back and watch/listen. Apparently not to amusing if you were the counter! But we never said it wouldn't be challenging... 

We were able to raise $1015 plus the back of a pick-up full of food for Outreach for Hunger - I'd call that a great day! Again - thank you racers, organizers and donors!!! 

By the way - there's a print on its way to Etsy that might make a great Father's Day gift. To appear this week! 

Also. I really love what Emily Henderson and her crew did with this cat rescue makeover. I'm not a cat person, but I sure do love that tree and the yarn balls and the MEOW and the overall look. And that's my random thought of the day.

Would you like to know what's up next on this blog? I'm about to take pictures of my office for you. In it's dusty, in need of a sweep, messy state. There have been many hours spent in here the last few weeks. Between design requests and Amazing Race prep, me and my office chair have had a great relationship. But with working in here a lot, has come a strong desire to do some tweaking. A lot of re-organizing of the closet and shelves, but also a bit of finishing touches. Two days ago I placed my first online IKEA order and can't wait for the stuff to come in so I can attempt to make my closet far more logical and organized than it is now. IKEA, please deliver early!! 

So stay tuned for embarrassing pictures of how my office looks post-busyness. And? Have a great day!


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