Monday, November 10, 2008

Something new, something blue

Would you be surprized if I told you that I'm in the process of revamping my blog? shouldn't be, really. This is me we're talking about! New background is in the making right now, and the wheels are turning for a new header/banner/whatever you call the thing across the top.

So how was your Sunday? Ours was filled with two very, very good sermons from Dr. Murray, Young People's, pleasant chats with other church-goers, and very pleasant talks with just Tim and I at home. Oh...and snow. The best part were hearing those sermons. (as soon as they're on sermonaudio, I'll post a link!) I caught the morning one in church and it was so relevant to right now. He talked about how Jeremiah told the people of Israel to react to their being "handed over" to the Babylonians, then applied it to our reactions to the recent election. Dr. Murray is gifted with his way of applying texts. It was great. And the afternoon one I heard via Tim, since I was baby-sitting. But I was told I should listen to the whole thing once it's downloaded. And I will. Because even with Tim's explanation of it, I was eager to hear the whole thing.

A close second 'best part of the day' was spending time with Tim. We've been to people's place for lunch the past three Sundays. As enjoyable as that is, it was great to have yesterday to talk with Tim. We read our Sunday reading together and discussed it, and of course chatted about YP once we were home. It was just nice to 'hang out' with him.

So that was my Sunday. What about yours?

Yesterday I finished designing our Christmas cards. This is a great day for you all, because I now know which pictures I can post for your viewing pleasure. And so in going with the title of this post, Something new, Something is my daughter...

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  1. Jen,

    I LOVE the pics you have up here ... the profile one and the one of Hadassah!! so cute! :)




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