Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Big 3-0

No, not me. I'm just skimming past the half of 50 mark. But my sweet, sweet husband is getting very near (as in 2 days away) to being 30 years old. I've got some little-big plans for the occasion, (which I cannot mention because Tim will likely read this once he gets out of bed and on his computer). But their little because I only have him for a short time on Satuday - he's in the exam time crunch. And big because I hope to cram a lot of good stuff into that short little bit of time. The camera will definately be out, and I will for sure be taking pictures to capture the moments to share with you.

Speaking of camera moments, I haven't posted pictures lately and I must apologize. It's not for lack of pictures, really. There are a number on my camera right now. But it's for lack of ambition to load them up and check them all out, fiddle with, and post with them. Must do it. Soon. Very soon. Among them are a few Thanksgiving shots...and that fun, special holiday is rapidly seeming far away in the midst of Christmastime festivities.

Have I mentioned how much I looooooove the whole Christmas season? There is the obvious reason - it is a wonderful time set aside to celebrate the birth of the one who came to save us from our sins. This is incredible. God become man for such a purpose. And alongside that is the coziness of the season. There is something about being snowed in with the glow of warm scented candles, a mug of hot chocolate, cranberry-something centerpieces and the anticipation of gathering with friends and family.

Well, my day must continue. Bed to be made, pj's to get out of, breakfast to be eaten, etc. Oh...and pictures to post!!

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  1. Happy Birthday one day early Tim! :) May the LORD bless you richly in this coming year!



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