Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to reality

There are a million and one things I could be doing right now. A million and one things I SHOULD be doing. But I'm pooped. :) So sitting down to write a nice little blog entry for all my faithful readers (all 8 of you...hehe) seems like a good option. Organizing with my brand new totes can wait. Dishes can wait. That last load of laundry can wait. Cleaning my house...that'll definately wait. For now, I post.

So! Where have I been in the past three weeks? Here, there, and in the car. A nice rental car, by the way, which is spoiling us immensely because who wants to go back to a 2000 Focus after driving a 2008 Grand Prix for awhile?!?! But it's been so nice not having to worry about our smelly car breaking down on us, it'll be worth it to go back to it when we're done our travels. And travelling we did! And are doing. In the past3 weeks we've:

* visited Tim's parents
* seen the whole Bergsma clan for family Christmas
* spent the last eve of 2008 and the start of 2009 with my parents
* said good-bye to Tim for a weekend...he went to Calgary, we went to Anne's
* visited with Tim's parents some more
* swung by Brantford for a weekend with Marten & Andrea
* drove through crazy snow for a girl's nite (I did, anyway...)
* got absolutely spoiled

One more trip to go and then we can settle in to a normal paced life for a few months. Phew! Like I said to Tim once headed home: "This is quite the life we have right now!" So much travelling. But we can only be thankful that everything has gone well, that Hadassah is such a good traveller, that Tim has known God's care in each of the churches he's preached in, and that we have a home to come back to. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! And what a wonderful 'flow of blessings' we've witnessed!

Here are a few shots from the beginning of our trip: Bergsma family Christmas. Joel looks quite excited about whatever is in that box!! And Josh looks like he might be willing to help Joel figure out whatever is in that box.

The chaos that is called family Christmas:

Hadassah is absolutely whipped by the time for presents rolls around. So she doesn't appear to be terribly excited, but she does love her new book that makes lots of sounds and has mom and dad humming "Little Bo Peep" 24/7.

I just love Josh's expression. "Wow! Check that out!"

Ok. Here is a series of four pictures that exemplify Tim and his brothers PERfectly. No joke, this is them to a tee.

Tim: *whistling* (as the happy-with-life kinda guy he is)
Dan: *eating* (as the ever-hungry guy he is)
Jeremy: *thinking: 'let's get this show on the road'* (as the jeremy he is)

Dan: *Oh look, the camera's pointed in my direction: must do something dorky*
Tim: *Yuck, celery, get it away from me*
Jeremy: *Are you guys for real?!?!*

Tim: *Can you believe this guy?!*
Dan: *Well if you're not going to eat it, I will!*
Jeremy: *Unbelievable*

Tim: *Ok, I'll smile because it's Jen behind the camera*
Dan: *hehe...So much for your 'three happy brother' pictures, eh?*
Jeremy: *At least neither of them live here anymore*


  1. Whoohoo! You're back! :-) (I'm one of the 8 faithful, I think!!) Nice pics and commentary...glad you had a good trip, even if we didn't get to see ya.

  2. man....that dude on the end sure looks like domine.



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