Friday, January 30, 2009


Once again, I'm putting out the suggestion to listen to Revive Our Hearts. Remember when I posted about doing dishes? Well these past few days I've not only liked doing dishes - I've looked forward to it!! Because there is a series that started on Monday, January 26 and is still going on, that is just fabulous, on discernment. Do, do, do listen!!

"You don’t learn deception by going and scouting for deception. You learn about it by becoming immersed in and saturated by the Word of God, knowing the truth, so that when deception comes, you can see that it doesn’t line up with the truth."

"Deception doesn’t usually come through this big, huge, ugly monster. Then we wouldn’t buy into it. It’s more often subtle, alluring, attractive, enticing, just little distortions of the truth."

"The goal of these false teachers—the goal of the enemy with this deception—is to gain control of your mind, to gain control of your heart. They capture weak, or weak-willed, women. Second Peter 2 says they promise them freedom, but in fact, they lead them into bondage"

(quoted from ReviveOurHearts transcripts)

I think this might be one of those CD sets I order...

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