Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Red Suckers & Chicken Pot Pie

Today I discovered two things:

#1. Hadassah may not eat another sucker until she is at least 16 years old.
#2. Pillsbury has a very delicious smelling Chicken Pot Pie recipe. Mmm. Can't wait for supper!!

You may be asking yourself "why can't the poor girl have a sucker?!" Well, because. :) We had a nurse's appointment today where Hadassah had to run around the waiting room pants-less with her onsie hanging open, in hopes that she'd pee in a bag, which was half hanging out of her diaper. She had no clue how ridiculous she looked as she played with another little girl her age. Fortunately, the other girl didn't care. :) Anyways - once she sucessfully pee'd, the nurse gave her a sucker. Little surprised at that! But thought "ok, well, if a nurse is giving it to her, it must be ok". So I gave it to her and no, she didn't choke or anything awful like that. But she DID get soooooo sticky that her chin stuck to her coat and I had to peel her head off. So...no more suckers for a long, long time.

As for the Chicken Pot Pie...it smells so good and it feels so good to having something smell good and knowing that I can eat it. Tim and I had the flu (or food poisining perhaps!?!) this past weekend and finally had our first meal other than toast/soup last night. It tasted so yum! I'll post the recipe if it turns out to be as good as it smells...although it's probably your typical pot pie recipe...I guess they all smell good, don't they?

Btw - any ideas on how to portray John Calvin for the 21st Century?

Hey...have any of you ladies listened to RouH's lately? The first of the month/year, she's been doing a series on Getting into the Word of God and getting the Word of God into you as one of THE best New Year's Resolutions. Have a listen... And for more great New Year's Resolution ideas, if your list isn't long enough, if you scroll back a few posts on the girltalk blog, they've got some great thoughts. Have a read...

And then have a smile at my sweet baby girl:

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  1. Please do post that recipe... :-)mmm... chicken pot pie sounds just about perfect right now.



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