Saturday, February 7, 2009

Three Happy Birthdays

Yesterday, Sophie entered her 26th year, as always, three-ish weeks before me. I caught her right out of bed in the morning with her birthday phone call and heard her husband, Steve, whistling in the background as he made her blueberry/raspberry pancakes for breakfast. How could she not have a good birthday day, if it started out like that? Congrats, Soph...and of course...many more.

Today, my bushy bearded dad (the bushy beard was a surprise for me the last time we saw them at New Years, and I must admit, quite a shock!!) turns 64. Have to phone him yet. Don't worry dad, I haven't forgotten!

And tomorrow, our little girl who could've been born on the 6th for Soph's birthday but still didn't make an appearance for Grandpa's birthday, and waited and waited and prolonged her mom's labor until she could have her very own birthday on the 8th, will be turning 1. One!!!! A whole year with the sweetest, most precious treasure. We are very blessed indeed.

Since God alone knows the number of our days, it is always special to celebrate these "especially" days (as John Piper puts it), and to thank Him so much for each milestone.

Pictures of Hadassah's first birthday with the present that sat beside her in the cart at Target, with the card she picked out herself, and the balloon she watched get filled with air at the grocery store this afternoon, and her rather dismally decorated birthday cake, are forthcoming. Stay tuned.

Ideas for Jen's birthday present: Cake decorating class. Gift or no, seriously, I'm signing up. Anyone with me?



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