Monday, March 9, 2009

Picked up the cutest pictures today!!

I thought I'd try JCPenney's Portrait Studio for Hadassah's 1 year pics and I just picked them up today. They are oh so terribly cute!! (yup, biased mom here...) As I took the back off the 8x10 frame, I re-discovered the other pictures we've had in there. Her wee little 3 monthish pictures with her mop of orange hair. Her 6 monthish pictures with no hair but a big smile and much cuteness. And then there was the fabulous picture with Teds and a smidge of blonde hair that was part of our family pictures shoot. And now the toddler looking picture of her standing up, holding onto mom's hands, with a bit more than a smidge of very blone hair. Wow...she's grown. I just love her to bits! Strong character coming out in our little girl - but that character is mostly happy. And CHATTY! Hadassah can talk an ear off a...well...she can blabber on for quite awhile, but it makes for the sweetest conversations.

I sincerely wish I had my computer back. That way I could post up pictures. I have a lot waiting in my camera, waiting to be splashed all over this blog. Pictures of my birthday, of my baby girl, of my new sewing project. I am happy to annouce to Anne, and everyone else reading this, that your diaper bag pieces are cut out and waiting in a neat stack by my sewing machine for the next block of time I have to continue on it. It was exciting having a new project to work on - that isn't on the computer! No worries. I haven't become tired of designing...but it keeps me busy enough right now that my sewing machine is building a nice collection of dust. I've got a couple of exciting design projects coming up, though, so it's been fun.

Tomorrow is Ladies Bible Study. Thursday night is a girls' nite out. Both things I look forward to. Makes for a good week.

Ah! One thing to jot down. The past couple of weeks Hadassah has been sleeping in until about 7:30 - 8am. (it was 6:30 for the longest time...) And I've been taking advantage. ALMOST to the point that I've been very close to ditching my getting up early ambition. But the last couple of days especially, 10 am feels like 8am. 2 pm feels like 11am. Dinner time feels like it really should be lunchtime. Where have my days gone?! So...tomorrow, I am determined to be ambitious with the early to rise thing again. Hopefully is works???

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