Monday, April 27, 2009

Something I whipped up tonight

Tomorrow morning we're having our Ladies Bible Study end of the year brunch. It's always a nice time. Delicious edibles, friends you've grown with over the year, moments of sharing "take-away thoughts" from the study (this year we went over Nancy Leigh DeMoss' A 30-Day Walk in the Psalms). And secrets are revealed! It's always an interesting, crazy few moments as people reveal to eachother their prayer partners. The woman I've prayed specifically for over the year is also a sewer, and I wanted to come up with an at least somewhat creative little gift for her. I'm hoping she'll enjoy the pin cushion (see free tutorials on the left) I scrounged up tonight:

(I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know I blog, so I hope I'm safe to post this ahead of time!!)

And I also had fun trying out a new recipe for brunch tomorrow. Strawberry muffins! My BHG magazine came in the mail yesterday and they had a bunch of strawberry recipes. The recipe I tried isn't from the mag, but I saw a picture of strawberry muffin as part of a brunch they suggest for Mother's Day. It made me head straight to my favorite online recipe source - - and resulted in scrumptious little muffins. Looking forward to tomorrow!!!


  1. Cute pincushion! If I was even REMOTELY a sewer, I'd be thrilled with it, so I'm sure your friend will love it :-)
    How'd the strawberry muffins turn out?

  2. Would you believe it if I told you I made them, didn't taste test them, and put them out on the table?!?! Cause it's truuuuue! And I have yet to try any leftovers. Tomorrow's breakfast for sure, then I'll let ya know!! :) Have a great birthday, k Marlaine?!



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