Saturday, May 9, 2009

End of exams = heaven??

Do the everyday things, the "little moments", the ebb and flow of life - do all of these things really point us to God? Last night we had this year's last Student Fellowship where one of Tim's professors did a devotion on heaven. He said that the great "done" feeling that (most of) the students were feeling that night was like a very small, very tiny taste of the feeling we will have at final "done" we'll have in heaven. The small picture: classes were attended, hard work was done, and that last big challenge of the year, exam week, is completed. The big picture this points to: the race was run, hard work was done, and every sin-tainted moment will be gone, when we complete the race God gives us to do here. I never would have thought of it like that, and so, as always, I'm very thankful that we both have the opportunity to learn from these prof's about life and how God is in the center of, quite literally, everything.

Here are a couple of shots from the evening:

Student Fellowship isn't Student Fellowship without a guitar, an accordian (what WILL we do without Derek next year?!) and some great singing.
Derek and the African students singing a couple of African songs. Is there a single African who CAN't sing?! They sound so good!!
So...can you tell which one is Hadassah??
Here is an excellent shot of Hadassah. I wanted to show everyone her little pigtails. She didn't start off loving the idea...
But eventually came around. Also note the cute rocking chair! I picked it up at a garage sale and decided I wanted to paint it red. Tim wouldn't hear of it, so I just painted it when he was at school, writing an exam! ;) Naughty, I know. But look at it - it's adorable in red!!!

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