Sunday, January 24, 2010

DIY Inspiration

Can I tell you a secret?

I love my house. Love it. LOVE love it. Why? Because for 3 and a half years I've had the best of times (and the worst of times because sometimes I just don't like painting) making it, changing it, tweaking it, and turning it into home.

I don't always clean it as thoroughly as I should. (I'm only half dutch, you see) And it's certainly not always tidy. (despite what you say, Heather) There are lots of things that could be done yet. Some things that, perhaps, should be done. But I love it. It's me. And it's my family. And it's home.


There is a part of me...I'll admit it, a big part of me...that can't WAIT to get our first (we own it) house. That, of course, may take years. Who knows, we may start off with a parsonage. But whenever that day comes, I've found a house that is pure inspiration. It's a style I love. It's lovely. Not eeevery detail, of course. Not loving the dining room chairs so much. Or the tufted love seats. Or the two hanging lights on either side of the huge mirror. But in general, I love this house! Did it really use to look like, the before pictures?!

At any rate. This is a random post. A frivolous post. Certainly not a catch-up post. Well, I suppose if you stretch your imagination you could look at it as a "she's been gone for so long, she's gone loopy about the fact that she only has a few more months in this house" kinda 'catch-up'.

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