Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Night at the Museum

Before we left for Canada this past Christmas, Tim and I took advantage of the Thursday night discount at the Children's Museum in GR. Today - weeks later - I'm finally getting around to sharing the pictures! We had a fun night watching Hadassah explore...

We started the evening with lego....which requires much concentration.Tim rather enjoyed this part.Next stop: Bubbles!! Hadassah loved this!!Almost as enjoyable than making bubbles...popping them.Caught this picture JUST before the big "PLOP".Like at the lego table, Tim (and ok, me too) enjoyed putting creative little sculptures together at the magnet table. This is one of our creations:A lesson in cause and effect perhaps? Load 'em up......pull the pullee......and away they go!!And then there were the mirrors...saving the coolest pics for last! Made for a great (and cheap!) evening out together. And something to blog about today.

Been wondering about Adventures in Potty Training?! too. Where DID that potty go?? ;)


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  2. I love the pictures! It makes me look forward to doing those things with David one day. Also, I love what your profile says...the Doctrines of Grace give us so much to celebrate!! Glad that you're my sister in Christ!



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