Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My "miss-you" List cont'd

Tonight I want to tell you about a favorite store of mine. (I'm sure everyone in GR who knows me is smiling right now because they know exACTly what's coming...).

It's big. It has my kinda stuff. It has great prices. It has even greater clearance racks. It's ever changing. It's........
And yes. I am going to miss...and I mean "do I really have to shop at Walmart again?!" kinda miss...this store!! Whenever I do design work for friends in the states and they say "I can't legally pay you, but what can I get you...?" I more than happily chime "Target gift cards please!".

The best was when I came home one day with a Target bag in my hand, only to find a Target package waiting for me at the front door! What can I say?! I ordered online a skirt to guarentee a size and stopped in for sidewalk chalk and a card two days after I ordered it...and for some reason my husband won't let me forget it!! haha (no worries - that doesn't happen everyday!!)

Good buy Target.


  1. Anytime you need anything from Target, I can ship it to you! ;) I'm that kinda friend :)

  2. thanks bren!! :) i know that you understand!!



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