Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Upcoming Nuptials, Cherise!

There's to be another female addition to the Bergsma clan. And that is cause for celebration, right ladies? So last weekend, us female Bergsma's (and Bergsma's at heart ;) gathered at Laurie's house to welcome Cherise with smiles, food and some lovely little gifts to say "hey - we're glad you're joining the ranks." And of course, what's a shower (or "bath" as Cylis claimed it to be) without toilet paper wedding dresses? The little Bergsma's made perfect models for our fashion designing debut. There was one privilaged little boy who got to join in the ladies fun. Tristan took it like a man. It probably helped that he was the youngest - and thus, the cutest one there.And so now we just await July 31st. When this smiling woman will probably be smiling even more! Enjoy these next couple of months Cherise! And thanks for joining us ladies in our quest to love those Bergsma boys!! (

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