Friday, June 11, 2010

Last few days

Here we are - back from synod week - and into our last few days at our home here in GR. Tim is taking tomorrow off and I'm really looking forward to it! Poor guy's exhausted, so I picture him sleeping in tomorrow. Hopefully this is what Hadassah looks like during the "sleep in hours" tomorrow:
This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, and this will be another fond memory of GR. Our little back slab of pavement. Hadassah has had lots of fun out there - I wish I would've taken picture of her and Levi and Caleb out there going crazy with the water and drenching eachother. It was hilarious! At first Hadassah didn't know what to do when she got pelted in the face. I heard her tapping at the door and when I looked over she was pointing at the boys with a slightly disturbed look on her face. But she got the idea quick enough and soon was joining in the fun. (see...we don't let her splash she thooooought.......)
The step. Hadassah has been sitting on the bottom step for most of her life. Before she walked even! She'd crawl up to it, pull herself up and plunk down for a sit. She'd watch me working in the kitchen, eat her snacks here, curl up with books here. Let's hope our future home has such a prestigious spot!
By the way - this may be your last glance of Miss Piggy. She got lost. In Canada. But she's a trooper! "Daddy, piggy's gone. We get another piggy!" Tonight - her {stuffed} puppy did the trick in bed..."til we get a new piggy, mommy".

Our track record with things filled with fluff'n'stuff is lousy at best.

Poor kid.

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