Saturday, June 5, 2010

My "Miss You" List con'd

It all started with Derek.

Four years ago we moved to Grand Rapids. A couple weeks after we got settled in, we had our first dinner guest. Derek had been at PRTS for a year already, but had recently moved out of his first house, to room with Marty. We took pity on his singledom. Because not only was this two guys rooming together ... this was two seminary student guys rooming together. We assumed that home cooked meals would not be high on their priority list.

And so our Wednesday night "guys over for supper" ritual started. Over the past four years, I've absolutely loved cooking more than our average amount of food so that we could have a couple of guys over for dinner. There were some regulars (Derek, Marty, Derek, Mark)...and a few not-so-regulars. There were some tried and true recipes...and a LOT of experiments.
And ya know what? I'm gonna miss them! Cooking for them, hearing their theological discussions, joining in on their laughter, listening to them read stories to Hadassah while I finished up a meal. Wednesday nights were good nights.
So...thanks guys! You've been a great part of our "GR experience".

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