Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I could hug you, Cogeco


Remember me?

I write this blog.

And then I changed countries. And I've had dial-up. And I've avoided the computer.

But now...I'm back.

And well.

And sending you to my almost sister-in-law's blog to read a little about the move.

A lot can happen in two weeks, let me tell ya! We're coveting your prayers as my husband decides whether we're sticking in Ontario or headed to BC.

And in the meantime...I'll take advantage of my mother-in-law's jacuzzi tub.


  1. Welcome back! :) I was so happy when I opened up my RSS Feed Reader and saw a little #1 beside your blog listing!! :)

    We will definitely pray for guidance for you and Tim as he makes a decision as to where to accept a call ...

    May I be a little biased and ask for BC? ;)

    glad your move went well! Enjoy the jacuzzi tub! :)


  2. Praying for you and Tim with your decision making! See you at Deb's bday party?

    (And Bren, I'm a bit biased in that I'm hoping they go for Ontario!)

  3. Good to hear from you guys! We will keep you in our prayers. very exciting - thats for sure!

  4. praying for you both as Tim considers the calls received. I could give you a nudge in one direction but it really has nothing to do with our feelings. I hope the decision is made clear for Tim, and that you are at peace with it too. know that you are missed



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