Thursday, July 29, 2010

Off to get a new sister-in-law...

Tim and I have been humming "Gooooin' to the Chapel and we're (ba bum) goin' to get maaa-aa-aa-ried" lately. Because this very Saturday, this couple is going to get maaa-aa-aa-ried:
Warning: I about to make a comment on the lightning speed of time. You may or may not be very sick of me talking about time and how it flies because I've been mentioning that a lot lately. So kindly prepare yourself.

TIME FLIES!! Sometimes it feels like just yesterday that I said to Tim "hey - do you think your brother and Cherise would work?!" And other times it feels like Cherise has been in the family the whole time I've been in the family. It's only when I mention our wedding to her that I realize she's a newbie. (She wasn't there, see, and that just seems odd to me. Ya know?)

So we head back to GR another time to welcome her into our family. Tim and I are emcee's, and so we've been cramming this past week with wedding prep. Last night was a late one.
Jen is sleeeepy and hoping she doesn't have to drive later this afternoon. :) But it'll be worth it! We can't wait to celebrate with them!

As for other things - life is good. God is faithful. Tim has made a decision and is sitting on it for a bit, so we'll be announcing where we're headed in life shortly. I have a bunch of pictures to show you! For starters, I'm going to back track a little. Waaay back to our packing days. This is one item we couldn't leave behind:

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