Thursday, September 9, 2010

Road Trip!!

A couple of weeks ago Tim had an opportunity to preach in our Pomptain Plains, New Jersey congregation. What a lovely group of people and a beautiful church! My sister kindly watched Hadassah so we could have the weekend 'to ourselves'. Loved it. Although it was smack dab in the middle of house-paper-signing, all was good.

On the Monday morning we headed into the the big city, the Big Apple, NYC. First time ever. What a crazy, crazy busy city! I know I wouldn't like to live there, but it was fun for a day. Here's what we did that made us uber tired by the end of the day:

We started off by taking a bus from New Jersey into the city. From the main bus station we took a stroll to Times Square. I know I used this phrase already, but what a crazy, crazy place! Could there BE more advertisements?!
Let's zoom in on this a bit, shall we? Just LOOK at all the people!!!

From there we walked to Circle Line tours where we took a very relaxing (and informative) boat tour halfway around Manhattan and back. (It was so great to be on the water, with a breeze, because it was a scorcher that day!)

Once our tour was done we were huuungry and so we roamed around in the direction of the Rockefeller Center until...the rain. We found comfort in the fact that we weren't blatent tourists...even NYCers were caught without umbrellas! Although it was rather hilarious how many of them popped up when the downpour started.
Despite our frequent stops under sign overhangs (for a reasonable amount of dryness) we did make it to Tony's for supper. Yum!
After Tony's we made our way to the Top of the Rock for a night view of the city. (seeing Radio City Music Hall on the way...)
I am not a big fan of heights and when we got up there, wowsers were my knees shaking. But I braved it holding on tight to Tim and my camera. My thought? Tim will save me and I'll save the camera...all is well. ;)
So despite being totally tuckered from a day of walking and being overwhelmed by the number of human beings...& NY, we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend. I'd love to go again someday and spend some time in the museums. (Sometime when we're NOT constantly thinking "house". My head and heart were not 100% in NY that day!)

And of course, we'd love the opportunity to meet up with the members of Pomptain Plains FRC. We're praying for you guys as you await your new pastor!!


  1. Hi Jen,
    It looks like you had a wonderful time touring NYC! I'm sure you got your fill of the city:o) It was great to finally meet you with your husband several weeks ago. My in-laws showed me your it along with all your DIY, crafty, inspiring, ideas! Look forward to seeing your new house...hope all goes well. Blessings, Rebecca L.

  2. That looks so fun!! I would love to see nyc sometime. Hope you guys are good!



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