Friday, December 17, 2010

Up to

It's hard to believe that the last post (if you can even call it a post...) was Tim's birthday! That day seemed as thought it was yesterday and ages ago, all at the same time. These past two weeks have been...*contented-but-unbelieving-sigh*...busy! 

Busy with what, you ask? Well...let me show you! I've been doing:


This and this and this...(aka bathroom reno: pictures soon!)...

(I haven't actually been doing this - just watching the experts take care of it!)

...which let this, this and this happen. (who needs toys when one has a tub box?!)

This and this and this.

Oh, and then there was this.

It was really cool watching these...

...turn into these.

And of course, "that" resulted in....this:

Once the mad rush of the "these" was over, Hadassah and I sat down for our own little bit of "this":

 ...resulting in this. 

And all these "this's" are only the things I took pictures of! Toss in a weekend away (where I got to see my long lost brother'n'sister'n'law!), two family Christmas' and my first attempt at cooking a turkey - events where I didn't even pull my camera out! Also, I've been blessed with a couple of jobs involving a fair bit of this...

So now the rush has slowed down a bit. Well. Ok. The mad, festive, crazy fun rush is over, and I'm experiencing a lull. Enough of a lull to sit down and show you. But then, there's always that to-do list that magically gets longer with time, instead of shorter, which is would do if it were behaving itself.

And then, there's always Monday...


  1. so I have this question for you: Does Adobe Suite really have all the wonderful programs in one package? Like Photoshop,Flash- the whole deal? that's amazing! One can dream right? :) You must be having a LOT of fun!

  2. Sure does Meagan! A whole whack of programs...a few I haven't even opened yet and would have no clue what to do with if I did!



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