Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meet My Kitchen

Before the moving truck backed into our driveway 6 months ago, I decided that the kitchen cupboard doors should come off because it would be easier to a) move into my kitchen and b) get the motivation for painting them. So between my husband and my dad, the doors were removed.

6 months later, I can attest that yes, it was much easier to move into my kitchen. And for about 5 of those 6 months, it was actually easier overall because I never had to open and close doors while I had my cooking adventures. But was it motivation? That I'm still not so sure about.

I AM happy to report, however, that the only motivation I need yet, is for a couple of minor things. Curtain in the window, a couple spots of touch-up paint - that sort of thing. But the kitchen is done enough for me to share the results with you. (it doesn't hurt that my sister brought me some gorgeous tulips in just the right color to help the photoshoot along...)

So many, many brush strokes later, I can now introduce you kitchen. Let's start with the overall look, before & after:

We painted the kitchen cupboards "Simply White" by Benjamin Moore - and the peninsula's color is called "Dark Pewter". I had so many paint chips for the peninsula. I knew I wanted a color as opposed to white, but couldn't find just the right one. One night I decided to just lay out all the paint chips I owned (counter was pretty full!) and the chip strip with the closest color I could find to our living room popped out. So while I wasn't expecting to paint it quite so dark, I absolutely love the way it turned out.

If you'll kindly turn your eyes to our light fixtures and give my dad a round of applause, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm discovering that it's rather handy having an electrician nearby, on call and free!! And willing to put up with phone calls that go something like this: "Dad, I found two candle holders at Winners - can you figure out how to turn them into light fixtures please?"...and then actually doing it! Aren't they lovely? And the big dandelion light is a splash of fun, a result of fun times at Ikea.

Take a look at the corner bottom cupboard in the 'before' shot below. Tim and I decided that this kitchen must've been a DIY job at some point in its life, because the oddly placed door and mismatching wood was rather unsightly. It was a big deterrant when we were looking at the house, but I kept telling Tim "don't worry - I'll paint it and it'll blend right in". And while it's by no means perfect, it's a whoooole lot better now!!

See the framed iron thingy above the sink? I bought that at a garage sale before we were even married and have now finally found the perfect spot for it! (eventually I will paint the frame around the screen in the window, plus add a curtain, which should make the design on the iron pop out a bit more...)

My all-time favorite blue tinted mason jars are now actually being used - I have all my baking stuff (salt, baking powder, baking soda, etc.) in them. And I found the wire holder at a antique mall nearby.

Awhile back I bought this tray from Ikea and now love having it here to hold some frequently used kitchen items - and to cover a yellow stain in the counter! 

A friend of mine recently asked me if it was worth painting your cupboards. Although I often looked up against getting out that paint brush and getting it done, I can absolutely say that yes, it's worth it! Especially since every time I actually made it up to the attic, it really didn't take that long to whip on a coat of paint. So my advice: paint! 

I love my kitchen now. And since we put so much work into it, I don't know if I'll ever have the heart to rip it up and install a new one! least not yet... 


  1. Looks fantastic! I think it should be posted on Better After :)

  2. Looks amazing. It is magazine worthy! Love all the little touches you found.

  3. wow that is a great improvement. I think it will look fine for many years after all that work I wouldn't want to replace it too soon either
    We are here for another week if a day next week works for a visit let me me

  4. All I can say is, you're amazing! :) Your creativity is an inspiration to all of us "uncreatives" out there

  5. Absolutely incredible transformation. Love what you've done!

  6. Wow and double wow! Fantastic change, Jen. You have a special touch. All the extra littles (or not so littles like candle holders turned light fixtures!) plus the paint job makes for a wonderful new look.

    So, you make special trips past the kitchen just to gaze and enjoy? :)

  7. Thanks so much everyone! We are loving it...and yes, my walk-bys often slow down until I'm at a complete stop, admiring the change. :)

  8. LOVE the light fixtures. Nice job, Dad! Found you on Better After..

  9. Quite lovely! And thanks for explaining the tulips - I was feeling VERY intimidated by out beautiful everything is.

  10. Much better.


  11. YAY! found you through Better After! GREAT WORK! I've been thinking about doing a very similar paint scheme to my kitchen, but couldn't get a clear mental picture to know if a dark peninsula would look good with white cabinets. Now I'm SO inspired... Thanks for sharing :)



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