Friday, August 12, 2011

Double the Fun

And that's exactly what Hadassah was in for the day "her twins" came over to play. Jaelyn and Ava are Hadassah's little buddies. They were born the day after Hadassah, so they are officially the kids closest to her age at church. They've recently moved (you can read about it here) and on a day when their mom was painting up a storm in the new house, they came over to play.

Here are a few shots of the fun they had outside. This shot is so typical. As soon as the sprinkler comes out, Gus dives right in and takes his share. All three of the girls thought this hilarious.
We only own two little kid chairs. This proved to be a problem until "sit on her lap" became an option. Again - this was found to be hilarious.
 And then there were the 'shows' they would put on for eachother. This was another great way to resolve the only-two-chair-conflict.
I think when it was hometime, they'd all had enough of eachother. The twins are used to having eachother around, but they weren't used to a possesive Hadassah. And Hadassah is certainly not used to having others around all day and almost fell asleep on the couch once they were gone. But they had a blast! And looked awfully cute doing it, too.

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