Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Must Read

Hello readers. And how are you on this beeeauutiful fall day? Hadassah, Gus and I stopped by Tim's office to stroll the parking lot for awhile. Lovely. And yesterday? Yesterday was the battle of the to-do list and the outdoors. In the end, the sunshine was so beckoning, it won hands down. The front garden benefited greatly, as did Hadassah and I since there is nothing more lovely than warm sun and cool breeze.

I love fall.

But the reason I wanted to write a quick post today is so that I could point you in the direction of an incredible blog. It tells the story of a man in our denomination who has ALS. He is strengthened by God each day and is sharing that day to day story in a way that makes you cry with the sadness of it, but also (and more importantly) stand in awe of God and His comforting grace. Our prayers are with this family.

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