Thursday, December 22, 2011

What's in a Closet?

That which we call a mess
By any other design would be much less messy.

At least, that's my experience.

Which is why I've talked about cleaning and organizing this closet since the third week we've lived here. Imagine my thrill when I randomly said to Tim one Monday "I'd really like to get this closet done before the snow flies" and he said "Ok. Let's do it!"

Ok! Let's!!

I'll give you a peek of what this (rather strange) closet looked like before. Keep in mind, this is the weirdest closet I ever have seen. There's a window in it. Above eye level. ????? And the shape is bizarre. We've had our guesses as to what happened and nothing seems logical, but it's a closet and I am not one to complain about having a closet in any way, shape or form.

Chaotic, right? This odd closet needed to house cleaning supplies, shoes and boots, purses, grocery bags, and other odds and ends. And see the be-uuu-tiful wallpaper? I'll give it to the closet that it did have a lot of hooks. And without those hooks, it'd be completely useless, so I was grateful for them. But I knew...just knew...we could work it out so it made more sense.

The closet  dips in on either side of the door - on one side less than a foot and the other way almost two feet. See the window ledge at the top?

Oh the mess. Should I really be posting these pictures?! Here's hoping they'll make the 'afters' seem even more wonderful than it is...and it is wonderful!

And tada!! *drumroll please*, after some paint (leftover from the kitchen cupboards), wallpaper (leftover from the insides of the kitchen cupboards), shelves (put in by my sweet husband), broom hooks (super handy) and better-placed coat and purse hooks, I have...a better organized, prettier closet:

Welcome to my closet! I now have specific locations for my cleaning clothes (I'm a Norwex girl), dustpan and dog leashes:

Hooks for my brooms and the winter coats which previously found their way to the coat tree (leaving no room for company frustrating!):

Shelves for shoes and boots, lined with a $5 plastic tablecloth I had lying around from camping. Easy to wipe, easy to glue on and no extra cost.

A spot just the right size for my Dyson, which, in case anyone cares or asks, I love. Love love.

It also houses deep shelves on the other side, too.

Two of them hold baskets that I happened to find after the shelves were built. They fit peeerfectly. Thank you, Winners!  And since I was hanging a shelf between pictures, the tool box is missing, but it also fits peeerfectly under the bottom shelf.

And this little nook has hooks for my purses and grocery bags, allowing me to find a basket to slide on the shelf under them for more storage yet.

And above this nook is another shelf to hold more shopping bags, our 'outting' backpack and other things.

Shall we have one last look? Because I'm in the mood to swamp you with pictures. Because I love my closet th      a       t much. And more. 

 Oh the thrill of organized spaces. Everything in its place! Yay!

Hmm. Would you care to take a peek at the area you'd walk into when you come in our front door? Just for fun? Ok. Deal.

I was hanging a shelf with the tool box supplies, but I also moved our key hanger over here...which makes more sense since we only use the front door. And don't you love how I cheated on the area rug? It's technically two. One wasn't quite big enough, so rather than pay lots for a bigger one, I ran over to Winner's hoping against hope that they had another identical one. Phew. They did.

And that, people, is the end of this post. I'm off to open the closet door, stand and stare.

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