Saturday, March 24, 2012

You know that project?

The one I've mentioned a couple of times here and there? mean I mention projects on this blog and then don't follow through with telling you about them...a lot?

Hmmm. You may be onto something there.

Have I informed you that I have a tendancy towards scatterbrain'dness?

Anyway! You wanna know about "the project", right? Right-o. Here it is:

I thought I'd get the close-ups over with. You know, the ones that reveal how imperfect a project can be? Now let's zoom out so you know what it even is...

Cute, right? Let's zoom out even more.

Ack! I know, right? So cute! I am so proud of my not-always-so-handy husband who used the jigsaw-attachment on his multi-tool Christmas present to cut this out of a piece of MDF we had lying in the shed. A couple coats of leftover front-door paint, some serious Sharpies, and I can finally chart my daughter's growth. (a leeeetle late, but better late than never, right?)

And there you have it. "The Project". While we're at it, how about a couple other views of Hadassah's bedroom, since it was tidied for the growth chart photoshoot...

Perhaps you'll notice a couple of recent IKEA purchases? Yeah for their Expedit series, which makes for great toy storage, with the help of Martha and her fabric 'drawers' from Home Depot. (once the basement reno is done, both of the shelves you see in the last picture will be moved down there...can't wait for the toy room to be done!) And yeah for a new dresser!

I was looking at a couple of old posts of mine and ran across the "before" house tour and it made me realize that I should perhaps do an "after". So that may be coming soon. Stay tuned! No promises, though. I don't know about you, but this uber-early spring weather is making my mind shift from indoor projects to outdoor projects real quick-like. Day before yesterday was spent raking, preparing the backyard and spreading grass seed. Here's hoping it helps!

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  1. very cool Jen (and Tim) I might copy it someday, our kids have grown inches (combined) in the last two months. It isfun to have somewhere to record it. we just use pencil on the wall for now



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