Friday, September 28, 2012

That husband of mine

It was one cozy evening.

The evening when I spread out all of my crafting stuff and came up with my Paint Chip Calendar. Tim was either in "the Pastor's chair" (as all of our church members call our living room chair with the footstool) or at our kitchen counter, typing away. And although we rarely spoke to eachother throughout the course of the evening, it was just so nice, simply because we were both there. Together.

Little did I know, while I worked away on a pretty piece of organization, how quickly my calendar would be filled. The next morning I found my calendar already full and my schedule already made!

Did you see his "see above & repeat"? So not only does he fill one week with himself, he wants every week that month to repeat itself. And he doesn't stop there. No siree! He wants my entire life to be all about him!! Because in the space I left open to write the month, I found this:


Happily, I'm rather in love with the guy. So with the small exception of French Fry Casserole every single Saturday, I'm more than willing to comply.

Because I'm certainly thankful that God has blessed me with that husband of mine.

Here's to many more cozy evenings...


  1. He let you post this? haha I like the feel Tim's muscles one. I think he needs more kisses and hugs Jen:) super funny!

  2. Too funny! At least you know he needs you!

  3. Yes, the "feel Tim's muscles" is hilarious :)

  4. Hilarious! I love the "feel Tim's Muscles"!

  5. Bunch of great posts in a row! Congrats on the Better After feature :) And I couldn't help buy smile with this post :) Here's to some more diy-ing!

  6. Hahaha! This is great! I can so see Andrew doing this as well, as these brothers tend to think alike. :) But, Andrew would also shoot me if I blogged about it.



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