Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Master Suite

That sounds so formal. So luxurious. So expensive. So big!

Haha! Fooled you.

It's simply our master bedroom. It's not formal or expensive or all that big. And the only thing close to it being a suite is the fact that our bedroom door just so happens to be directly beside the bathroom door, plus we have a walkout balcony. Which we never use, for the record.

But despite it's lack of 'suite'ness - I sure do love it! Especially since it went from this (shots from our inspection day):

 To this (when we first moved in):

To this (the most recent shots):

The room is far from finished. The pillows are a work in progress, there is one piece of art on the walls (and that's gonna change!), I do miss the area rug and (like the rest of the house) I'd love to see re-finished floors. But nothing happens all at once, does it? And that's quite ok with me. Just having the room painted, curtains hung, lamps that work and new side tables has been oh so nice. Here are a couple of other shots:

I really enjoy the curtains. At least 7 pairs went through this house before I found ones I really liked. Thanks World Market! And finally - finally! - the top of the wardrobe has ceased to be a catch-all. It's now just pretty thanks to a lovely basket and gorgeous-from-a-distance Ikea greenery. Oh - and by the way - that's the wardrobe I bought in GR, painted white during our stay at my in-laws while we were between homes, and have refused to show you because I wanted a before & after shot, but couldn't find a before. (clearly I've nixed that idea...what do you think? I love it's usefulness as we have no dresser...)

Here are my side tables. They, too, need a bit more 'staging'. thing at a time. And I see my box spring needs a cover-up of sorts too. Funny the things you notice in pictures...

One of my favorite changes was the paint. Gray. It's my new favorite. The stenciled border is finally covered up! But what I love just as much as having the border painted over is having the closet doors a solid color. See what I mean? Here they are on inspection day, a little two-tone thing going on:

And here they are, solid white. Ahhh:

One thing I would love some suggestions for would be art over the bed. Do I need anything there? Or should I leave it be? I want to put something beside the window (I think I'll be designing some art using our wedding vows...), so maybe I'm safe to leave it plain above the bed? I'd love to hear what you think. Here's a reminder shot:

And there you go! Another sneak peak revealed. (see this post if you don't know what I'm talking about).

I hope you have a great weekend, whatever you have planned! We happen to have two young ladies (Tim's nieces) coming over and do so look forward to it.


  1. Ahh! I'm so happy to know I'm not the only person with "duvet-cover-changing-itis". :-)

    As for above the bed, one of those monograms like the nester has in the below link would look beautiful! She mounted hers against a white canvas but I think you could get away with just the monogram.

    1. You most definitely are not the only one! :)

      And thank you! Because I saw those monograms on the Nester and at the time thought they'd be a great idea too! But then I completely forgot about them - I appreciate you mentioning them!

  2. Looks awesome Jen! The curtains are super cute!

  3. Looks great Jen!
    I agree with the monogram idea. I think that will add the necessary touch above those lights.

    Speaking of changing duvets, I so badly what to change mine out already, but it has only been 2 yrs! I think part of it is because Roxy would get up there while we were gone at work and since it was mostly white, now it is not so white and I have never been able to get everything out. Oh well.

    Keep posting! :)

    1. That's exactly why I decided to get rid of the other one - white! It was a comforter, not a duvet, and it didn't fit in our washer. Because of all that white, it started to look not-so-fantastic anymore.
      If it helps, I think I only had the white and orange for only a bit over 2 years... :)



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