Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Things I've learned in the past couple of months

>>>  There were over 570 pictures on my iPhone from the past 3 years. Whoa.

>>>  Sometimes you can pray and pray about a decision, then you sit on it for awhile and then you go ahead with it because there were no definite "no's" and there are no verses in the Bible that say "This is what you should do. Specifically. For your exact situation." But God can gently nudge you another way. And the best part is the overwhelming flood of peace when you respond to that nudging. Relief, peace and trust in His sovereign care for us. That being said, Hadassah will be heading to Kindergarten outside of our four walls in September. We're all pretty excited about this nudge. Especially the girl who gets to buy a backpack this summer. 

>>>  De-screening our front porch took less time than I thought it would. Picking exterior paint colors so I can confidently choose complimentary porch and front door colors is taking more time than I thought it would. 

>>>  An elongated winter makes for a deeper appreciation of spring when it comes around. 

>>>  The best things in life - or at least long weekends - are free! Our favorite parts of a quick "minister's long weekend" (= Mon&Tues) to Niagara Falls were the strolls through the gardens among the daffodils, tulips, and magnolia trees. All to the distant roar of the mighty falls. Mighty because God made it so. Beautiful because God made it so. 

>>>  Life gets busier as you get older. Either that or time gets shorter. Maybe both? The days when summer vacation stretched out forever are long gone. Proof? It still feels like it should be March. But God's Word holds true. There is a time for everything. And when we aim to be content with whatever situation God sends our way - trusting in Him for daily strength - then despite the dizziness caused by time flying by, things sort themselves out. Checklists get completed. Priorities are made and met. And there's lots of time for reading the Little House on the Prairie series (currently reading "On the Banks of Plum Creek") in between. 

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