Friday, November 1, 2013

Form & Function Get Married >> A tale of a Telephone Wall

I first mentioned this telephone wall of mine here. Remember how it baffled me because of the phone jack halfway up the wall? And how our solution was the gorgeous new "old" phone? It's still Hadassah's favorite phone to chat on. Especially when the chatting involves Grandmas. 

It's evolved a bit over our three years here, this phone wall. 

Remember how I crafted my paint chip calendar awhile ago? In an attempt to control my scatterbrainedness? (like how I toss in new words every once in awhile?) Well I loved that calendar. But not perhaps for what you'd think. It helped me stay a smidge more organized for about...a month. And then I forgot to check it, forgot to keep writing events down, forgot to change the month until around the 14th or so. Less scatterbrained? Not so much. 

But it was pretty. And I made it. That combination made it difficult for me to admit that form and function weren't happily married this time. 

So what did I need that wall to be? (I finally came to the conclusion that the space should have more purpose - plus the prospect of 'changing something up' always gets me excited in the end) One thing I knew I needed was somewhere to put pens other than in a mug on my counter. And part of the adoption process required us to have a very visible list of emergency contacts near a phone. 

I can do that!

A bit of HomeSensing later (yes, that's an official term) I found a piece of word art I loved.

A bit of crafting later I made the perfect pen holder.

A bit of designing later I had a cute list of phone numbers, framed and ready to hang. 

Final result?

Thanks again Pinterest, for supplying some great inspiration. And see how the pic above gives you a hint of my clipboards? Now those are handy! Hadassah's Sunday school lesson for the week, plus a school calendar, etc., get clipped on there and I love them. They stay. 

So now my numbers are right by the phone, my pens are off my counter and in the end, I love how it's pretty! I foresee a long and happy marriage for form and function.

Just for fun, one last look...

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