Monday, December 16, 2013

I Sing Because I'm Happy >> New Print @ SparrowJoy

I love checklists.

Despite trying out checklist app's on my iPhone, I can't seem to love them as much as pen and paper checklists, though. It's somehow more satisfying to check things off a list you actually wrote out. 

And one item has been on my to do list for a couple of weeks now - finish the new design for my shop. Sarah, someone I've never met but seem to know a least a little bit from checking in on her blog every now and then, was the winner of my first giveaway. Her choice of something to be designed was the chorus from "I Sing Because I'm Happy". She had the print in mind as a Christmas present for a close friend of hers and she was superbly helpful by providing the wall color of the space she hoped it was for, and even pictures so I could attempt to pick up an accent color to work with! It was a fun process and although this isn't the color she ended up picking (I gave her some options), here is the print in a bright, happy yellow...

Now available. Thanks, Sarah, for the starting point for a new print. I hope your friend enjoys it! 

And while I was adding that print to the shop, I also thought I'd add another print I had designed for my husband's office when we first moved here. 

So I was able to check this off my to-do list, as well as one other design project, which I will share closer to Christmas. I need to give the mail deliverers a big enough time frame to get our Christmas cards in people's mailboxes before I post it on here, but I'm so happy with how they turned out and look forward to sharing the design with you! 

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