Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Gallery Wall @ Christmas

"Notification: (insert name here) pinned your pin"

It's pretty cool to notice notifications on Pinterest. And if you've pinned something of your own, it's an interesting thing to discover that other people like it too! One picture from my house that I've seen pinned a few times is our Gallery wall that makes its way up our stairs.  I thought it'd be fun to take some updated pictures (because I've made a couple of small changes!) and give our Gallery wall its very own post. (since it had such an insignificant reveal originally...tacked on at the end of an update post...)

May I start by saying how much I love gallery walls? I've pinned a gazillion myself. The combination of pictures and non-pictures (initials, numbers, gadgets, etc) arranged to take up a large amount of wall space resulting in big impact? Fantastic. Love. Yes. 

One of my goals was to take better pictures of the gallery wall - as the original ones were rather small and not the greatest. But it's dark in our living room! And so I jacked up the ISO on my camera, which helped, but now they're substantially more grainy than I'd like. At any rate, there are more of them and they're bigger. Here's hoping that the equivalent of better! 

And there she is. Updated with our recent family pictures by Red Rubber Studio, 3 additions, and a makeover. Two small pictures were added to the bottom left (which you'll be able to see in another picture), plus the number "3". And the makeover was an afternoon project involving twine, a hot glue gun and the letter "B".

When it comes to Christmas decorating, I'm finding that I like simple and natural best. I go through my tote of ornaments from over the past 8 years, I stick some in the garland or in the wreaths, or on the mantel, and I always end up taking them right back off again. 5 years ago I purchased 5 mercury glass ornaments from Hobby Lobby and they manage to stay out of the tote every year. Love them! This year two of them hang from the banister garland, two hang inside a lantern and one from a wreath, which you can see later this week as I hope to join in on Jennifer Rizzo's Home Tour link party next Monday.  Speaking of which, have you been enjoying her Holiday Housewalk too? If you haven't, I'd suggest it - start here!

One thing I love about our gallery wall is that I have the opportunity, several times a day, to glance at pictures that hold memories of us. That represent us. That show a family built on the foundation of Christ's love. It's a wonderful reminder that family is such a great blessing and our family was placed together with purpose and reason by an incredible God. We're certainly not a perfect family! But we're His. I love that God gave us families to reflect things about Him and our relationship with Him. 

Oh look! You can catch a glance at our tree in this shot!:

Loving the "B" a whole lot more. It's amazing what a little twine and time can do! Shall we do a side-by-side? For fun? 

One last look...

And there you have it. Our Gallery Wall with a Christmas touch. Do you have a gallery wall somewhere in your house too?

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  1. Gallery walls. Love them, thought I wanted one, put one up, lived with it for a few weeks and took it down (and now I have a million nail holes to fill)! For me, I think it's one of those things that I love in other peoples' homes and in magazines, but just doesn't "fit" in my home. You know? I love yours though...and yes, the "B" is better with twine :)

    1. Thanks! Twine does wonders to many things, I'm discovering. :)



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