Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Delightfully Good News to Share

Some local residents might've noticed my husband making a 7-11 run last Saturday evening. In the midst of snow and dark and shivering conditions, my husband braved the winter weather to bring home something just for me. With chattering lips he burst through our door and thrust the cold cup into my hands and said "Here, take it, my fingers are numb!" 

That first sip was delightful. Delicious. Just what I wanted needed. 

And do you know what he picked up for me yesterday while he was out? And do you know what I swung by to grab on my way home from doing groceries today? Can you guess what was purchased several times in the past few weeks? 

Tim Horton's frozen raspberry lemonade will do. In a pinch. And when I'm home and have no desire to leave the house and no husband home to beg and plead to go on my behalf, I have whipped out our Magic Bullet to make numerous smoothies. 

All in the middle of a frightfully cold winter, no less! 

My only concern is: Will the wee little one growing away inside of me have a food aversion to Slurpee's and never be able to enjoy them with me when they're old enough to share? Because even when I'm not pregnant, I do love a good Slurpee and appreciate Slurpee drinking company. 

Catch that? Yes indeed, I am expecting. See? Delightfully good news! I'm pleasantly curious as to God's timing (adoption and all...) but I'm so thankful for this gift of new life!!! Tearfully thankful. And fully trusting God's plan for us. Lord willing, come the end of August, Hadassah will become a big sister in a way we weren't sure would ever happen again!


So besides the Slurpee cravings, how else do I know? Well...

... I put Hadassah to bed and then go to bed myself. Not every night. But often!

... Mac & Cheese is back on our menu, rather regularly. But it has to be No Name brand. Not just any no name brand, but No Name brand, in the yellow box.  Because Kraft? Just doesn't cut it.

... My husband has to eat the sub I just warmed up for him awfully quickly because once it comes out of the microwave boy does it smell!!

... And so does any meat, with the exception of chicken. Oh the nausea! 

... As a general rule, (you know - when I'm not pregnant) I detest naps. I can never nap for the suggested 20 minutes, but always end up sleeping for at least an hour followed by 2 - 3 hours to wake up followed by much tossing and turning at night to get to sleep. Now? Naps - cat naps and 2 hour time outs alike - are much appreciated! 

... Tears. They come often. And over the silliest things! Listening to Adventures in Odyssey with Hadassah, reading a pin on Pinterest, finding the first picture Hadassah drew that I could actually figure out what it was without asking. (it was a giraffe, by the way...) My husband has been such a trooper! Although I think I've safely hid many of them. Due to their ridiculousness!

So now that this news has been shared and the hint to bring me a Slurpee if you visit me anytime between now and the end of summer has been dropped, there's only one thing to find out! 

Where can I buy a Slurpee machine?! 


  1. Congratulations!! God's timing is interesting at times, isn't it? But always perfect. Praising God with you for this new life!!

  2. That's wonderful news! Congratulations :)

  3. Congratulations! How wonderful for you whole family! I hope that you start to feel better soon:)

  4. Congratulations! So excited for you all!

  5. Well, I am not pregnant, but I had tears reading this! I am sooo happy for the 3 of you (well 4 of you actually) :) Denise

  6. Super exciting news!! Congratulations! Hope you get your energy back soon and feel better too! In the meantime . . .enjoy those slurpees! Brrrr!

  7. So so happy for you! God has answered many prayers! We will continue to uphold you and your precious cargo in our prayers <3

  8. So excited about the blessing of new life!!
    I'm just wondering what about the little blessing you have been awaiting through adoption?? Please tell me that you are still going to accept the blessing of adoption also. So many needy children, who need to be in Christian homes. God has commanded to be fruitful and multiply, but also He has commanded to care for the orphans!!! I hope and pray that you have a healthy little baby in Aug, but I pray that you will not close the door on adoption.

  9. Amazing news Jen and Tim! This was so fun to read. Praising God with you three. Hadassah must be thrilled too :) Taunya

  10. Congratulations Tim & Jen!!! We are so happy for you. God's timing is always perfect! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well :) Love from GR (Maarten, Jen and kids)

  11. Praising God with tears of thanksgiving in my eyes! And praying for you, Tim, Hadassah and both your little ones! Praying that in God's perfect time you may welcome them into your family... rejoicing with you!! (Laura V)

  12. absolutely precious news that made my day!!! we're thanking God with you and praise Him for blessing you in this way.

  13. Oh Jen, such great news! Can't stop the big smile spreading across my face :D. Love to you all!
    Lisa VS

  14. Tim & Jen- so very excited about your news!! God knew your desires and has fulfilled them once again! We will pray that all continues to go well!

  15. Yay!! I was just thinking this morning that I haven't read your blog in a bit and BAM-O... I get to read this AWESOME bit of news!! :) Congratulations Jen and Tim and Hadassah!! So, so excited for you. We'll be praying that all goes well!

  16. Amazing! Such a blessing! So excited for you all! Congratulations! :-)

    Jen K.



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