Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just for Sarah >> A SparrowJoy Custom Print

One of the great things about my "in between laundry, dishes & cooking job" (aka: SparrowJoy Print & Design) is the request for a custom art print. I've had a handful of them in the past few months and I love the opportunity to use what the customer provides and have some fun! Sometimes it amazes me that they trust me enough to say "just have fun", but it sure does make me happy when they do.

Take Sarah, for example. She blogs at and sells her beautiful scarves on Etsy. Sarah recently married the love of her life and they are in the process of renovating their first home. It's been fun to follow! When she emailed with a request for a print to include in their master reno, I said "Absolutely!" Check it out:

What a great verse for a wedding text, eh? It was also a treat to scroll through her wedding pictures to find just the right one - they have some beautiful memories of their big day! Thank you Sarah!

And further SparrowJoy news, some Christmas prints are also in the works right now - as a request for a Christian school bazaar coming up. But yay! Those are semi-custom...meaning they'll make their way to the blog as well. Stay tuned!

<<< >>>

Would you believe it? My camera battery died just as I started to take pictures of my fall decor. Since that day, I've been either gone or plunked in front of this computer screen working on a couple of bigger design jobs. And would you believe it? Since then, and for the same reasons, I've forgotten to water my mums and man, that makes for dried out and dead looking fall decor! But. In the name of following through on my promises, I'm gonna shoot some pictures and get them up on this blog! Even if it's just so I will remember one of my favorite mantel vignettes! Coming soon...

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