Saturday, November 15, 2014

And the Word became flesh >> New SparrowJoy Print

Exciting news: Emma slept through the night in her own crib, in her own room!

Even more exciting news: I slept through the night!

Happy Saturday to us!!!

Oh, and you too. :)

But wait. There's even more exciting news! (I know, hard to fathom, right?) Next week Tuesday there's gonna be a giveaway. A Christmas print giveaway. And this print here could be one of them...

Available in green and red, this print is new this year. You can see both color options by clicking on the image, or by this link: SparrowJoy. Plus, if you happened to like either of last year's prints, they're back in the shop as well. 

Also on the good news front, (I know, it keeps coming!!) SparrowJoy made a debut on Facebook this past week! To those of you who noticed and 'liked' it, thank you!!! I'm hoping facebook will be a great tool on for fun giveaways and free printables in the future. So head on over to 'like' the shop if you haven't already, because you wouldn't want to miss out!

And I'll say it again: Happy Saturday!

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