Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Emma's Birth Announcement

I do so enjoy cards. Getting them in the mail. Propping them on our desk. Popping them in the mailbox. I spend an exorbitant amount of time in the card aisle before a special occasion. And sometimes when I have no special occasion. The design draws me in and I just slowly meander and appreciate.

Also? I enjoy designing them! Someday I hope that card designs will make their way to SparrowJoy, but in the meantime, I've enjoyed the random birth announcement, Christmas card and invitation for friends - and us. Emma's being one of them! Friends and family recently received this in their mail:

inside left
inside right
The little polka dot sheet photo session is one of my favorites, and I just couldn't resist that bum-in-the-air shot! Cute, right? It was shortly after a bath and her hair was doing its "shortly after a bath thing". Ack, I love it. :) But I also wanted to include Emma with her very proud and excited big sister, and so a washed out version of my favorite 'sister shot' went on the back! Tim may or may not have gasped at me when he realized I allowed her to hold Emma while sitting on top of her dresser....!

Looking at it now, it seems like ages ago that I designed these and sent them out - and yet it was only just over 2 months ago. 


And now, Christmas cards are in the works...I'll share them once the mailbox versions arrive at their destinations. 

<<< >>>

Just curious - are photo card designs something you'd be interested in seeing at SparrowJoy? It's always nice to know what people would like to see in the shop...let me know?

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