Monday, November 3, 2014

Glory to the Newborn King >> New SparrowJoy Print

People, I'm torn.

There's such a big part of me that doesn't even want to think about the approaching Christmas season. Time is going by so quickly that my "to do this fall" list is still very much un-checked. 

But as I scramble to find my daughter a snow suit (because if you don't buy them when they hit the racks, you'll never find the size you need...), I've noticed the stores are already flooded with seasonal merchandise. And as much as the commercialism side of Christmas rather gets on my nerves, there is something to be said about doing as much prep work as possible in order to be relaxed and able to enjoy the festivities during the actual holidays. 

And that includes decorating prep work. 
And figuring out the gift situation.

That being said, SparrowJoy has a few new prints, just for the season! I'm sharing the new "Glory to the Newborn King" print with you today, but stay tuned for an introduction to the others soon! 

Simple but bold, this print includes a line from the well known carol, Hark the Harold Angels Sing, reminding us the purpose of everyday, not just Christmas day. Framed, hung with washi tape, or leaning on your mantel, it's a quick, easy way to decorate for the season. 

Plus, there are a few background options...

Simple and quick holiday decorating? Check.
Easy gift for (fill in the blank)? Check.

Click here to purchase and get your instant download printable.
And check in later this week for more prints and a giveaway! find that snowsuit...

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