Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What do tape, clipboards and frames have in common?

They're all great ways to display art prints

Last weekish, (the weeks all flow together in my mind, do you have that problem this season too?) I had a bit of fun printing and snapping some shots of three different ways to quickly display the seasonal prints at SparrowJoy. I say 'quickly' because the weeks all flow together and sometimes its nice to add something festive quick-like

Like swapping that dated family picture out in the frame on the living room shelf.

Or, one of my personal favorites, grabbing that roll of paper tape and whipping it up on the wall.

Funny sidenote about this particular art print - this picture was taken pre-correction! I'm going to hope that all of you know this verse by heart and so read it as your brain knows it...meaning you missed the missing "of" which should be camped out between "city" and "David". Sigh. It cannot be helped my friends. I will forever look at words as shapes and lines and spaces when I design...and no matter how many times I read it over myself, I must get five people to proof-read for me!!! 

Mistake noted (thanks D!). Correction made. Apologies extended to those who bought this print at a certain school bazaar a few weeks back. (if you contact me, I'll certainly send you the corrected file!) 

Sidenote finished and moving on...to clipboards! Another favorite option.

And so I hope that give you a couple of ideas of how you can make fast work of using art prints for decor this season! Wintery decor in general has slowly been trickling down from attic storage to our house and I'm liking its gradual progress. I feel like we're easing into the season more that way! Because did I mention how the weeks are all flo...yeah, I think I did...

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