Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It is now most definately fall!

I find it amazing that for most of September, we've had day after day of sunshiny warmth, only to have the whole world (well, my whole world) become fall in a mere 24 hours. It's chilly out there! And now, finally, the leaves on the trees will turn into their wonderful and brilliant colors of autumn. [Side note: I apologize to all you Canadians out there reading my posts and perhaps noticing that I have dropped the "u" in color. These Americans. They're sneaky and subtle and I'm slowly turning into one.]

Here are a couple pictures in celebration of autumn, my absolute favorite season:

Coffee table centerpiece,
all parts thereof from the Fulton Street Market.

And our little outdoor display of color and texture.
Oh how I love gourds!

Someone once told me a great comparison between fall and Christian life. I'm probably going to mess this up, but hopefully you get the idea. [and maybe you'll know where this is from and can make the comparison right?] The brilliant colors of the leaves on the trees don't come out until they start to die, which is like our lives. Until we die to ourselves, and let Christ reign, our 'colors' won't come out. Oh how I wish I could write it as eloquently as this person said it.

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