Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playing Catch-up

This time, it isn't a 'phase'! Last spring I started getting back into sewing, and have I amazed everyone who knows me well that it hasn't ended yet?! So far, this is one of my phases that keeps on going. And despite a few moments of wanting to throw my sewing machine across the room, I'm still enjoying it very much. Slowly but surely, I am learning that I don't have to start a project and get it finished in one night. I can now sew a seam or two while Hadassah is content, and actually pick it up again when the next few moments of calm comes around, without being secretly frustrated that it's not done yet. :) Slowly. But surely. It makes sewing much more relaxing, which is why I think I've been sticking to it. Anyway, here a couple of projects for your viewing pleasure.

This is a purse I made which was originally too I cut it down to the size you see and I just love it! It's reversable. The inside fabric is leftover from the baby sling I made for Martin and Andrea and their cutie, Kaylie. The outside is from a scrap bin at Field's Fabric's (I think). In the end I decided that I would donate it to the Word&Deed auction that was held last weekend. I hope someone enjoys using it as much as I enjoyed looking at it.

And this is my new make-up bag. I found this tutorial online and thought I'd try it out. Love it! Tim is regularly mocking my love of this bag by picking it up and saying (in a rather girly voice) "Oh, isn't this lovely? I just love it, it's so cute!!!"

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