Monday, October 6, 2008

Two became one

Good ol' "Trucker Ken" got married this weekend. He was the first friend of Tim's that I'd met. In fact, he was there the first evening I ever saw Tim. It was good, kind-hearted Ken who enthusiastically told me that Tim made no money whatsoever. (yes, I asked. that's a long story that maybe I'll tell you someday)

And so we had the privilage of witnessing the marriage of Ken and Nicole Renkema. (I might add that Tim was VERY excited that we were finally at an event together where he knew more people than I did) Here are a few shots of the day:

Blushing bride, grinning groom, tasty wedding cake
and other such things necessary for a wedding.

Between ceremony and reception we had a chance to grab a beloved Timmie's, take a stroll, and snap a couple of shots of us all dressed up and taken out. This is my favorite:

(ahhhh...Tim Hortons!!)

One wonderful part of the day for us was the "this was us 1 year ago" aspect. Tim's parents kindly baby-sat Hadassah and there were reports that she missed us. So nice to have the afternoon "off"...even nicer to hear that our little girl could tell we were gone. Thanks mom and dad!!!

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  1. hmm i remember that nite ... :) that was a long time ago it seems, but really i guess it wasn't that long ... 5 years? ahh the "old" days :)



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