Monday, October 6, 2008

More catching up

Here are a couple more projects done in recent months...

This is Hadassah's baby quilt. What a day I had at Field's Fabrics, many many weeks ago, going through bolt after bolt of fabric trying to find THE perfect "neutral" colors. I couldn't find anything that jumped out and searched for something like three hours. Almost gave up that day. I remember needing a nap by that time in the afternoon - I was bushed. But then I made one more wander down the aisle with fabrics I was pretty sure I wouldn't like, and I saw it. The red flowered one. Loved it. And then the rest of the fabrics just popped out, no problem. (from other aisles...the red flowered one was honestly the only one I liked in that section...) And so here it is.

I had made the pattern for the quilt on my own, and had planned on making bumper pads as well. But who could resist Pottery Barn bumper pads, crib sheets and dust ruffle at a fabulous price from craigslist?? Not me!! So I was left with a fair bit of extra fabric. Enough to make a cover for a mat in Hadassah's playpen. Daddy feels much better about putting her in her playpen, now that there's a bit of cushion under her bum. And I'm sure she has skads more fun playing on a pretty floor, don't you think??

1 comment:

  1. Jen - love the floor mat idea (and the gorgeous quilt...)! You are quite the creative and talented woman :-)



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