Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Autumn afternoon

To celebrate the beautiful fall colors we're seeing, and to take advantage of a beautiful afternoon, Tim and I went for a walk this past Sunday in a gorgeous park across town. We've decided that we must go again, and soon, while the colors are getting to be at their peak. It was a wonderful walk! And a great place to enjoy God's creation, especially on His day. Here are some autumn moments:

Ok...this isn't exactly an autumn moment,
but it's my two favorite people getting ready
for a great afternoon together

Hmm. These pictures look pretty green yet.
But the colors were there, I promise!

Isn't that such a great red?

On another topic, thanks to everyone for the anniversary wishes!! October 14, 2005. Great day. Last week after Mel Trotter, we went to Arnie's for a bite with an older couple from our church. They shared with us the fact that they just celebrated (or are about to celebrate?) their 55th anniversary. Isn't that incredible? She spoke of how they've had rough times over the years, but never any "rough years" as far as their marriage goes, and she acknowledged God's hand on their lives and in their marriage, giving Him all the credit. I pray that we will someday have as many years to celebrate, and that we too will give Him all the glory for any and all blessings in our life together. For now, 3 years have been incredible and we certainly are thankful that God has been with us for all 1095 days. :) (and much more, since He allowed us to meet and date in the first place!!)

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