Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have a baby? Get a sling...

I highly recommend it. When we first had Hadassah, I didn't think I'd need one. But then we switched car seats and those 10 minute runs into stores without carts were getting to be interesting. Enter idea for making sling, 9am. Do groceries at Meijer, 1pm. Stop by at GREAT fabric store, 1:30pm. Make sling, 8pm. Take pictures to show you guys, 7am next morning. (notice the sunrise?!) Here it is!

Hadassah loves it! I used it 'saling' the next morning or so (remember that, Heather?) and she just hung out and even fell asleep in it for a few minutes. My shoulder did get a bit sore after awhile, but I could use my arms! Fantastic!

And aren't these the sweetest little shoes ever? I found a tutorial online and made this pair (note: they're reversible!) for Heather and Joel. More for Joel...I don't think they'd fit more than Heather's big toe...and I have big plans for making some for Hadassah and other babies of friends in the (somewhat-soon-after-I-finish-other-projects) future.

1 comment:

  1. They do fit Joel better, but I think I enjoy them more! Thanks again!



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