Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sweetest little baby girl

How can you not take advantage of this gorgeous weather by having a Fall Photo Shoot? Although I've been a bit slack this week and last, I try to take a walk with Hadassah every day. And it always ends with a meander through the pretty garden at the corner of our block. We swing together on the wooden swing that sits on the edge of the garden, overlooking everything beautiful in front of us. It's "our thing", something for just me and her. See...Tim does not swing on anything. Swinging makes him carsick. (once or twice I thought maybe Hadassah picked that up from him, because she threw up all over me after a good few minutes of swinging...but I think that was just a phase...I hope...). It's something I enjoy very much. Hadassah is always happy when we're outside, and even moreso when we're on that swing. I'm sure it'll be one of our Grand Rapids memories.

Well on the day these pictures were taken, a Saturday it must've been, the garden was full of volunteers who were there for the annual fall clean-up. They were raking leaves like mad. But I found one walkway that they hadn't got to yet, and here are the results:

Definate favorite!

She kept getting distracted by all the people working there.
It was quite a chore to get her to look and smile. One lady
was kind enough to help out by standing right behind me
and getting Hadassah to smile with goofy antics.

And what's with this picture, you may ask? Well this is a shot of the top of the waterfall, a feature they added last year. It's gorgeous from below, but I thought I'd go for the algae angle. It's rather interesting how it's directed by the water, eh?

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