Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So good to know

I'm sure that every blog in North America will have some little (or big) comment on the results of the election...results that are still trickling in as I write this, although it looks like Obama will be the next President of the US of A. And except for the fact that I was just going through some pictures of Hadassah to post, I wouldn't have thought of writing anything about the elections at all! But since I'm blogging anyway, and since today is the day of "the biggest election in America's history" (don't they say that everytime?!!?), here are my observations, if you care to read them:

1. The US is definately more into, concerned about, all for, seriously serious about their elections than the country just north of them. Wow. Being a Canadian in America during this time has been interesting. Do I feel detached from it all? Definately. Am I intrigued by the dynamics of it all? Absolutely.

2. I've realized how little I know about the American government and how it works. Tim was explaining how Obama was winning, even though McCain seemed to be getting more votes. It baffles me, but simply because I haven't taken the time to learn. Must work on that.

3. What an important time it is to make sure our focus is not on these men, these earthly rulers...but on God and His sovereignty. In one way, it's easy to get freaked out about "what the world is coming to". But aren't these the times where we need to realize that nothing is out of God's control? Whoever gets the title of the President of the United States is exACTly who God plans to get it. And there is a reason for that. And in the end, He will be glorified. If you check out girltalk, there was a snippet of John Piper's thoughts on the election, and I thought he said it so well. It was Monday's post. Go check it out. And for other interesting thoughts on voting in general, go check out Nate's blog.

Ok. Enough on the election. What does a Canadian have to say about it anyway?? :)

Of course...now I'm sleepy. My warm and cozy bed is definately calling me. I'll give you one sneak peek of the pictures I snapped of Hadassah today...on the move. More to come.

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