Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Could there BE a more beautiful day?!?!

How disappointing it was to realize that Tim drove to school this morning...and took the stroller with him. Because what a day! It is absolutely beautiful! The cold snap we had a few days ago must've done something wonderful for the trees, because there is some intense color out there. See what I mean?:

And these aren't even the pictures I promise yesterday. There's something about Hadassah's eighth month - I can't seem to stop taking pictures. Hadassah in the leaves. Hadassah crawling. Hadassah playing. Hadassah in her crib. Hadassah with her dad. Do you think my computer will hold them all?! I'm going to need more memory for it by the time she's 3, at the rate I'm going!(is this normal?!?!)

Well here are the pictures of our little monkey I planned on posting yesterday. Reason I love these: her hair!! Isn't it nuts? And absolutely adorable? Also - check out the chubs on this first one...!!


  1. oh my! your daughter is too cute for words!!! :) and yes, i love the little chubs ... :) oh so cute! :)

  2. I love the second one (with yellow background) hers eyes are pretty...and her expression is neat. great photography



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