Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Friday mornings

That's when "Moms for Life" have committed to pray for those pulling into the parking lot of the Heritage Abortion Clinic in Grand Rapids. I've driven past it a number of times - it's right on the route I always take if I need to go downtown. But what I didn't realize was that I driving past not only an abortion clinic, but a number of people fighting for the lives of these unborn children, right next door.

The Omega House is a beautiful house in the Heritage Hill district of GR and those who own the house also own "the wall" right beside the parking lot of the abortion clinic. As often as the clinic is open, there are men and women standing on that wall, taking the opportunity of the 10-30 second walk between car and clinic door, to call out to the women and ask them to reconsider what they are about to do, and to offer help and hope. From inside the house in the prayer room, when the lighting conditions are right, you can actually look down through the frosted windows, into the surgical room and and see the surgical beds. Our seminary student's wives group went to the Omega House last night for a tour and talk by two of the Sidewalk Counselors. And when I looked out that window and saw that surgical room, and then listened to the stories from the two women, the reality of abortion hit me more than it ever has before.

A couple of facts that shocked me:

1. There are scripture verses posted up inside the abortion clinic and they are used to convince the women that they are 'doing the right thing'. I'm not sure what verses they are - but whatever they about being taken out of context!!

2. Most of the women going to the clinic are middle to upper class. I'm sure if I thought about it longer and harder, I wouldn't have been surprised. But I guess I always assumed that most abortions were still done because of tragic situations and financial crunches. Not so.

3. When the sidewalk counsellors mention the possibility of adoption, a common response is "Who do you think I am that I would give up my own flesh and blood to someone else? If I met them when their 20 for the first time, I wouldn't know how to face them." If only they realized that someday they will meet face to face with God and have to answer for the lives of these children!

And two things I learned:

1. Love. Compassion. Christ. These things, most importantly the last, are needed when counselling these women. I think my automatic reaction would be anger towards those who could even think about doing such a thing. But going to the Omega House made me realize that it's only Christ and Christ-like love and compassion that is needed to reach and effect those women. It must take a lot of courage to stand on that wall week after week and call out to those women. (they know of 33 lives that have been saved so far this year - isn't that great?!)

2. I need to pray more for abortion. When I walked out the door last night Tim said "I know you're going to feel for them, but don't volunteer for anything until we chat about it". I appreciated him saying that, because he's concerned about me spreading myself too thin. But I know he wouldn't mind me committing to pray for them. In fact, I know he'd encourage it. And right now, I'm encouraging you. Pray for these children! Pray for these moms! And pray for those people who volunteer their time to sidewalk counsel.

Onto a couple of 'happier' thoughts, last night after our tour, I got a chance to pick up a coffee with the girls who carpooled together, and then they came over and we chatted until 11. It was so nice! Super glad they were up for it. (when's the next time, ladies?!) Seems like there's been a lot more of that - interaction amonst the girls. And the more it happens, the more I want it to keep on happening. (even though I'll miss them even more when I'm gone - but such is life as a [potential] minister's wife, right?!)

And one more thing for today - PRTS has their new, fancy-schmancy website up and running. So go check it out, take a tour of Tim's stomping grounds at present, and if you want...there's even a handy-dandy, easy-peasy online donation page. ;)


  1. Great post Jen! Amen.
    As for coffee, I'm up for it anytime! Thanks so much for having us to your house. It was a great time.



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