Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time for a "bag" update

Because I've been 'making' again. And I love 'em both, although the one is just the perfect bag in size, color, shape. A great pattern. Well...I didn't actually use a pattern, but was inspired by this bag and came up with this one:

A little bit of Amy Butler, a little bit of scrap bin, a little bit of leftovers from Hadassah's quilt, a few buttons and voila! Oh...and the inside pocket with spots for my iPod and pens. There's also a handy pocket on the front, so one of those buttons is actually in use. :) It's the perfect size for my planner, wallet, church candy, keys, diaper, wipes and sippie cup.

The next one I also made up randomly with a couple of super sale fat quarters and some leftover satin material. I thought I'd make a new black 'Sunday' purse, and here's that one:


  1. you are good! I love the black one. I think you should set up a little business

  2. I really like the black one, too. You could definitely sell these if you wanted to! Like your banner, too.



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