Friday, November 14, 2008

The secret is out!

Ok folks. I've been holding a secret. A secret only a few people were in on. But of this past Wednesday evening, the secret is out!! And I am safe to share with you one of my recent design projects.

But I cannot reveal it to you without first telling you that this secret was a joy to keep because of the nature of the secret - an anniversary present. Not your average anniversary, but the 40th Anniversary of being in the ministry. Rev. Pronk, a dear man, has been a minister for 40 years and our congregation had a little tribute evening for him. Unfortunately, I had to baby-sit, so I didn't get to hear his topic for our weekly Fellowship Meeting. But I did rush up for the last bit, when they presented him with...his book! A book I had the privilage of designing. Congratulations, Rev. Pronk. Thank you for 40 years. And I hope you enjoy the book that you wrote, but didn't know it!! Here's a jpeg of the book cover...and then some shots from the evening:

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